How to shoot better in Fortnite season 8

by Kelvin
How to shoot better in Fortnite season 8 1

How to shoot better in Fortnite season 8 2

We tell you how to shoot better in Fortnite season 8.

Pause between shots when facing enemies

Many players tend to keep pressing the trigger when they see an enemy.


This leads to a series of shots that are pulverized and mostly fail the target.

On the other hand, it is advisable to pause between shots, to ensure that each bullet that hits hits the target, which is more likely to guarantee a death than a shower of random bullets.

Target the neck and shoulders

Sometimes, the head shot seems to be difficult since the player is at a great distance and the head appears as a too small target in the sight.

In these situations, it is advisable to aim at the neck or shoulders, as it provides a larger target area, but causes the same amount of damage as a shot in the head, allowing you to immediately knock down your opponents.

Crouch instead of attacking when you are shooting at enemies

If the enemy is not close, do not run while shooting.

This will only ruin your accuracy and make it harder for you to reach the goal.

Choose to duck and shoot the enemies so that the recoil of your weapon is less, which increases accuracy and allows the bullets to fall on the target.

In particular, make sure you are not exposed when you bend over and shoot.

Understand the range of your weapon before opening fire

Understanding the range of your weapon is very important before firing at enemies.

For example, assault rifles can lose a lot of effectiveness in very long range combat, while guns and shotguns will be completely useless.

Therefore, it is better to know which weapon is suitable for each combat range so that you have the perfect weapon for each situation in your inventory in the game.

Aim the body in intense shootings

When the fight is intense, there is no time to deliver a well executed head shot.

If the enemy approaches you, take it out with well placed body shots.

Point to the torso and go straight up.

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