How to Solve the Problem with the iOS 7 Status Bar with Jailbreak

by Kelvin

Many users have been reporting a problem related to the status bar, the bar where the coverage appears, the time, the battery and other indicators, after having jailbroken on iPhone with iOS 7. If you are one of those who It has been affected, today we bring you a solution with which you can solve this problem.

IOS 7 Jailbreak Status Bar Solution


The iOS 7 Jailbreak Has Caused the Status Bar Not to Display Properly

One of the peculiarities and similarities between the jailbreak for iOS 6 and that of iOS 7, is that this has not generated particular problems and without a doubt has been quite reliable, despite the small and almost non-existent problems that the installation of the same can generate on any of our iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).

However, some users have been indicating a problem related to the status bar, which is not displayed correctly in some applications. Like this problem, in other native iOS applications on the iPhone with jailbreak the light letters with the dark backgrounds are not shown well making it slightly visible.

Restore Status Bar iOS 7 Jailbreak

How to Fix the Status Bar Display Problem on iPhone with iOS 7 with Jailbreak

This problem seems to have been caused by Cydia and it is quite likely that many users are affected by this problem even if they have not noticed it yet. For this reason and waiting for an official solution, comes a tweak that solves this problem and that we can install directly from Cydia.

In order to solve this fault we simply have to

  • We enter Cydia
  • We select Sources or Sources
  • Click on Edit or Modify (top right)
  • Then click on Add or Add (top left)
  • We search and add the following repository: http: //

How to Solve the Problem with the iOS 7 Status Bar with Jailbreak 3

  • We enter the new repository
  • We select the StatusBarFix2 tweak
  • We install and make the Respring.

With these steps we should be able to display the status bar or status bar correctly in all applications. In case it does not work properly it will be a matter of waiting for a jailbreak update to solve this problem.

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