How to store mobile phones you don’t use to prevent them from breaking

by Kelvin
Как хранить мобильные телефоны, которые вы не используете

Of all the technical devices in the home, mobiles are perhaps the hardest to keep alive. It is very easy for break a mobile phone without using it because its components do not know how to survive in certain situations. In order not to be intimidated by the mobile phones that you keep in the drawer, we will give you the keys to keep them hassle-free.

How to store mobile phones you don't use

The battery is one of the elements of smartphones that, for various reasons, can cause us more problems, and we hope that this and the rest of the mobile phone will survive in the best possible way. Unfortunately, no matter how well we store the device over the years, technology will be left behind, and compared to new ones, we will not be able to get the same from them. The software will be outdated, but at least we will have a relic or a mobile phone just in case.


Keep your mobile phone with 70% battery

The main aspect to consider is that we can never hold a cell phone without a battery or at the limit. Even if the device is turned off, it needs a little autonomy so that the internal clock remains active and, especially, so that the battery itself does not suffer. Many people, after leaving their mobile phone for a while, found that later mobile does not turn on and we don’t want this to happen to us.

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To prevent this from happening, the manufacturer’s recommendations set the limit at 70% of the battery charge. By leaving a mobile phone with such a high percentage of charge, we will make sure that the charge level of the mobile phone does not remain at 0% and we do not get any surprises. With this autonomy, it will be enough keep your mobile phone for over a year without worrying about it and minimum consumption, and to keep the battery in the best possible condition.

Turn on your phone from time to time

Although we saved it with 70% battery, the cell phone may be damaged no problem turning on mobile for a long time time either because the components are not receiving power, the screen loses its capabilities, or for other reasons. To save yourself from potential problems, it is convenient to place it where we saved it and turn it on at least once a year to make sure everything continues to work and, among other things, there are no problems with the battery. By simply turning it on for a couple of minutes, we will save the mobile phone from disappearing into oblivion.

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Protect your cell phone even if you store it in a drawer

It is not worth keeping a mobile phone anyway, it is best keep it the same as when we bought it ; in a plastic bag and inside the original box. In case it is not serviced, we can always use plastic alternatives and a cardboard box to ensure consistency. This prevents some images or materials from damaging your phone without realizing it.

Protect your mobile phone from moisture

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Drawers or cabinets sometimes have a lot of moisture, especially those that we usually don’t open. Humidity is the enemy of technology and we cannot risk it if we want the mobile phone to keep working on the right day.