How to transfer files between Android and Windows without wires

by Kelvin

Although there are still those who use the USB cable to connect PC and smartphone to move files, the latest versions of Android are focused on get rid of the tyranny of the cable and bet on the internet as an ally in this task of digital moving.

However, it is not always easy choose a suitable option for our needs or does not finish convincing us. However, through the shared Wi-Fi connection we can send and receive all kinds of files and folders between both devices wirelessly and securely.


We collect some of the most recommended solutions, all of them valid. Decanting for one or the other will depend on whether it is a timely shipment or of a complete transfer.

Traditional online storage

Google Drive and similar virtual disks have made it very easy for us move files between two devices, for example to send content between Windows and Android or vice versa. The process can take time, depending on the amount to share and the speed of our connection, it is recommended use Wi-Fi Better than mobile data.

In addition, they offer a good amount of space for free to transfer important data. With Google Drive we also have 15 GB, Onedrive gives us 5 GB, with Dropbox we will have 2 GB. But the list is huge: Sync (5 GB free), pCloud (10 GB free), Mega (50 GB free with conditions), etc.

Punctual online storage

Such is the variety of online services where to save our files to keep them safe or to transfer files between platforms, as is the case at hand, that there are they have specialized.

While the previous ones serve to store content for a limited time, the following are used to upload files temporarily and so download them within a period of time concrete.

There are many examples, but the most popular is WeTransfer, which offers free up to 2 GB. But there are others, like Media fire, who gives up 10 GB, and others we saw not long ago in this article. Of them stand out Pixeldrain (10 GB) and the Mozilla option, Firefox Send (2 GB).

File transfer

There is a third type of service in the form of an application that will also help us to send and receive files between Windows and Android or between Android and Windows without wires and taking advantage of the wireless connection.

In this section there are also several examples, all of them close to the system AirDrop of Apple which allows you to send content wirelessly between iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

A fairly popular one is SHAREit, available for Android, iOS, PC and Mac and which we have also talked about before. It stands out for being free, connect both mobile devices to each other as PC and smartphone, and also says to be very fast.

Airroid It is another well-known solution that serves to connect your Android and your PC in several ways with Windows. It serves to see notices, notifications, messages and calls of your phone on your computer but also offers the option of send or receive files.

Following with popular names, Pushbullet it will also help us transfer files from your Android to your PC and vice versa. In addition, it is compatible with other platforms and we can use it in different web browsers.