How to turn location history on or off on Android

by Kelvin
How to turn location history on or off on Android

Activating the location of our mobile phone is vital in many cases. GPS communication allows us to access many functions that would not have been possible without this option. However, our location is also serves Google to record browsing history which shows us all the sites that we have passed from our mobile phone. Luckily for many, this option can be activated or deactivated just as easily.

Turn Location History On or Off on Android

Location history is a Google option present on our Android mobiles. It is used for save the places where we go with every mobile in which we have registered a Google account. If you are interested in this and would like to activate it, or if you are more suspicious of your privacy and would like to disable the function, we will tell you how to do it.


What is this for

Google claims that activating location history offers several benefits for Google products and services for example, custom maps, site visitation advice, help finding your phone number, real-time traffic alerts for your regular trips, and personalized announcements.

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Activate or deactivate the function

In order to activate or deactivate location history, for this we need to go to a special section in our Google account. Once inside, we can choose whether we want an account or our mobile to send location history to google We will see two options to activate or deactivate: “Your account and all your devices” or “Only one device.” We will only have to check or uncheck each option.

Pure history

We might be interested in enabling this feature, but we want clear location history from time at the time. In this case, Google allows you to automatically delete location history from our mobile phone. Thus, the places where we were more than 3 or 18 months ago will be destroyed. We can do this in two ways:

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  • From Google Maps : on our mobile phone by opening Google Maps and clicking on the circle of our account. Then click on “Your Schedule” and “Settings and Privacy”. Now it remains only to click “Delete location history automatically”
  • From the browser: if we don’t have Google Maps installed at the time, we can do the same by going to Google Maps Graph from our browser. In the lower right corner, click on “Settings” and click on “Delete location history automatically.”