How to turn off the Always-On screen of the Apple Watch 5 series

by Kelvin

One of the main novelties that the Apple Watch Series 5 with respect to the previous generation is the Always-On screen or screen always on. This means that the screen of our watch is always showing information and never goes black as it has been until now.

This can be useful for example to see the time at any time without having to make a very sharp arm movement, or while we are exercising it saves us from having to touch the screen to see our progress. But surely there are many people who do not convince you to have this function activated because it bothers you in certain situations to have the screen activated. In this article we tell you How to disable it easily.


The Always-On’ function can be deactivated in the Apple Watch 5 series

The truth is that a priori it may not become very annoying because the screen does not shine too brightly when it enters this Always-On mode because to preserve the battery life what the screen does when the wrist is low It is completely attenuated and reduce the refresh rate. When raising the wrist or pressing on it, it increases the brightness so that we can consult the information, but if it is true that we can easily get distracted with the screen always on or not be useful in some situations.


This function that is activated by default can be easily deactivated by following the steps below:

  1. At Apple Watch We're going to Settings. (not on the iPhone).
  2. We look for the option of Screen and Brightness’.
  3. When entering this configuration window, click on “Always-On or always on” and it will be deactivated.

Something that has caught our attention is that in this same configuration tab from Apple give us the option to hide sensitive information from the sphere When you enter the clock in this Always-On mode. For example, our calendar messages or heart rate may remain hidden when we have the wrist down and will only appear when we raise the wrist or touch the screen.

It is important to note that when we have the wrist down the screen of our watch only updated once every minute, so the information that appears in the complications will not always be updated in this mode. For example, the stopwatch or the timer are rounding the information every minute and the complications that show live data such as the ambient noise meter It is completely deactivated. The one that if it is updated at the moment is the application of exercise since while we are doing our training the right thing is to always have access to that information.

We believe it is a very interesting function for some situations, but I may not finish fitting among all users and end up deactivating. It is clear that Apple He has done a great job to be able to bring this technology to his watch but we hope that next year we will see something that can be a little more useful for all users such as the so anxious sleep monitor that could already be implemented just like ECGs in Apple Watch.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think of the new Always-On screen of the Apple Watch Series 5

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