How to turn off the Google timeline that collects your location

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How to turn off the Google timeline that collects your location

Privacy remains in question and although many companies offer us highly useful services for our day to day, in exchange they take the license to keep our data. Perhaps one of the most controversial is Google Maps Timeline, a tool that shows us where we have been at all times. In this post we show you how to disable this functionality.

If you don't know the Google Maps Timeline, you can access it through this link where you can check where you were every day of recent years. Mind you, some users may not have anything registered because they never activated the option.

So you can turn off Google Maps Timeline quickly

Disabling the Google Maps Timeline will not delete the information that the Mountain View company has already collected, but it will prevent you from continuing to do so.

  1. We enter the Activity controls of your account (click to access)
  2. If he asks you log in, enter your Google username and password.
  3. In section Location History, we deactivate the blue shooter.
  4. A new screen will appear with the option to pause the history, we Touchez on Pause several times until all the Google text is displayed.
  5. We will return to the previous screen where we will observe that the Location History appears as stopped.

In this way, Google will no longer collect the location of your phone or trace the places you have been through each day. Or at least, theoretically.

However, Do youWhat benefits do we lose by deactivating Google Chronology?

According to Google itself, its apps can no longer offer you custom place recommendations that might interest you depending on the places you have gone to. Nor will it inform you daily of the state of the roads or public transport to go to work.


However, This will not stop Google’s location (necessary to use Google Maps itself, for example) or the function Find my device, useful when our smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen.

So… Will Google still know my location? Yes resounding. In fact, the manufacturer himself says "it is possible that your location will continue to be stored in your Google account when using other Google websites, applications and services."

And the mere fact of being able to locate you either by Google Maps, or simply having the opportunity to locate your device remotely, makes Google always have the door open to your position at all times. The only thing we avoid by deactivating the Google Maps Chronology is that you present all that information in a beautiful way on a web page.

Can Google Chronology be deleted?

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Yes, you can delete your location history, but nothing assures us that Google will delete it from its servers.

To delete location history follow these steps:

  1. Go to the app of Google Maps.
  2. Play the three stripes icon in the corner of the screen.
  3. Access the section Your chronology.
  4. Touch the icon three vertical points in the upper right corner.
  5. Go into Settings and privacy.
  6. Scroll to Delete all location history or Remove a period from location history, what you think is convenient.
  7. Additionally, in the option immediately below you can establish that your location history is automatically deleted after a period of time.

With this you will have already removed your trail – never better – from Google Maps, but there is always the question of whether the company continues to have that data; The worst part is that most of us get an idea of ​​the answer.

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