How to unlock someone on Facebook iPhone

by Kelvin

Facebook This is one of the most used social networks by people around the world, and in fact it is such a platform that has more active users. Thanks to social networks, the ways of communication of many people have improved, since it allows relationships between many people regardless of where they are.

Of course, this is a great advantage for many people, but it is also true that it has weaknesses. The fact that we are on a social network, making our profile public in one way or another, exposes this information to all those registered in Facebook.


That is why it is possible that on several occasions we have considered blocking someone, because we do not want them to continue viewing our profile and sending us messages through social networks. However, after doing this, we may regret it for some reason and want to open this ignition. The problem is that this has stopped appearing in our search engine.

That is why we show you below all the steps you must follow to unlock someone Facebook, from iPhone.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is enter the application and select the top menu of the three lines.

Step 2

Next, you should go to the "Settings and Privacy" section.

open someone Facebook-iPhone-1.png

Step 3

Now in the drop-down menu, press "Settings" again

open someone Facebook-iPhone-3.png

Step 4

After logging in, you will see a new menu. In this case, you must choose in the "Privacy" section to search for the "Keys" section.

open someone Facebook-iPhone-5.png

Step 5

Here you will see all the ones you have blocked. Select "Unlock"

open someone Facebook-iPhone-6.png

Step 6

You will see a popup window, so you can confirm this action.



You must remember that if you unlock someone FacebookYou will not be able to lock it again until 48 hours have passed.

This way, you will know how to unlock all the contacts that you have blocked Facebook, directly from your iPhone.

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