How to update apps on iOS 13 step by step

by Kelvin
How to update apps on iOS 13 step by step

With the arrival of the new version of the operating system of Apple For iPhone we have received a lot of news, but things have changed that, for the moment, are sowing the confusion. A function as vital and simple as update apps, in iOS 13 It is being a small headache since this option is no longer present where it used to.

Apple has decided to slightly renew the appearance of the App Store for the launch of this new version, hence at first glance we do not find the section where to update the apps; In this post we will show where the new location is.


This is how apps are updated on iOS 13 within the App Store

Although the truth is that it is still quite intuitive despite the changes, so that nobody gets lost we will illustrate where the updates of the apps are in the App Store of iOS 13.

How to update apps on iOS 13 step by step 3

The first of all will be to enter the App Store. If we have any pending update to download or install, we will see a notification in our profile picture. In the image above we can see that circle with a «2» indicating that I have two apps to update.

How to update apps on iOS 13 step by step 4

By tapping on our profile picture, we scroll down (after shopping, gift cards, balance and recommendations) to find the "Updates available" section, where the apps that have a new version accumulate. As always, we can update them one by one or all at once by clicking on "Update all".

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We do not know very well why this change is due, but most users agree thatPrevious way to update apps before the arrival of iOS 13 it seemed more comfortable; Maybe out of habit.

What do you think? Do you prefer this new mechanic or the old one? Too many laps for an act as simple as updating the apps or not? You can leave your comments below.

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