How to update the Apple Watch to the latest version of Watch OS

by Kelvin
How to update the Apple Watch to the latest version of Watch OS 1

Apple launches the new version of Watch OS for the Apple Watch, so it is installed

The Apple Watch received its first software update and smart watch holders can now see how the process to update the Watch OS operating system works in action. Unlike the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, which can be updated through iTunes or via OTA (Over-The-Air) using the Software Update function, the Apple Watch It depends on the synchronization with the mobile to download and install the new files.

How to update the Apple Watch to the latest version of Watch OS 2

Guide, step by step, to update the Apple Watch to the new version of Watch OS

To proceed with the installation of the Watch OS update you will need a compatible iPhone, an Internet connection via WiFi, the clock charger and at least a 50% battery level. Then We show you the steps to download and install the operating system update for your smart watch Apple.

  1. We open the application Apple Watch from the iPhone.
  2. Select the label My Watch.
  3. Here we access the General menu> Software Update.

On the screen we can Check if the version of Watch OS of our device is up to date or if a new update is available, this download screen is similar to the one we can find in iOS when updating the iPhone. Through the update screen we can see how much it weighs and we will also find a link to know all the improvements included in this update before installing it.

This new version is only downloaded via WiFi. In the event that we try to change the type of WiFi connection to Data while the download is being made, on the screen we can see a notification that indicates that the download will not continue until we connect again to a WiFi network.

Once we click on Install the update package on the screen the typical terms and conditions appear, at this point we will have to click on the accept button to continue with the installation process in a normal way. The download time of the update can take between 15 and 20 minutes, although this depends on the servers Apple and of our internet connection speed.

When the download is finished it is necessary to have the charger of the Apple Watch since the battery has to be at least 50% in order to start the process of downloading and installing the update on the smart watch. It is important to have the update not begin until the clock has the battery at that level. During the update process the logo of Apple on the clock will change color while we see a circle that shows us the progress.

Once the update process is finished the iPhone receives a notification indicating that the clock Apple Watch It has been updated to the latest version of Watch OS software. In the case of the clock, there is nothing to indicate the change, except when entering the configuration screen in the About device section, where the current version of the operating system is listed.

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