How to upgrade to iOS 13: all the latest news and compatible iPhone

by Kelvin
How to upgrade to iOS 13: all the latest news and compatible iPhone

As you should know, Thursday 19th is the day. iOS 13 arrives this Thursday, September 19, and surely many of you will want to update as soon as it leaves at some time around six or seven in the afternoon (Spanish peninsular time). The system was presented last WWDC19, and after a whole summer of successive betas Apple You are ready to launch it to the general public.

However, be very careful with updating lightly. If you want to do it minimizing risks or at least guaranteeing that you will get rid of some problems in the future, it is worth reviewing tips to update without losing data and check if the iPhone you have is compatible. Let's go there.


New iOS 13: summary news

Let's review in a summary list with more detailed links all the news that iOS 13 will bring us:

  • Chair the dark theme, inherited from macOS Mojave and obscures the entire system interface. It does not punish our eyes so much and for those who use an iPhone with an OLED screen it can represent a slight battery saving.
  • There are developments in the accessibility section: we can replace color-based elements for colorblindness, reduce the movement of screen transitions and deactivate some background video reproductions such as the animations of the Time application.
  • A new application 'Search My' it will concentrate all the device location functions previously present in 'Search my friends' and 'Search my iPhone'.
  • The performance of iOS 13 improves on iOS 12. Face ID is unlocked 30% faster, applications will start twice as fast and downloads will take up to half. The updates will occupy only 40% of the space they occupied before.
  • 'Sign in with Apple' appears with the ambition to protect our privacy when authenticating in applications.
  • Privacy will take even more prominence, with the system even chigating all locations that have registered certain applications.
  • Siri It improves your voice and will probably integrate with Spotify.
  • The application 'Reminders'it is redesigned from scratch, adopting the most typical aspect of a task manager.
  • We can write in the style swipe on the keyboard instead of pressing each key separately.
  • The Photographs they are distributed in a new, more visual interface that depends more on the organization through new
  • VoIP calls from social networks that can collect user data in the background will be restricted.
  • We can eliminate the location of the photographs we want to share with other people.
  • iOS 13 will charge the battery of our devices intelligently to extend its life.
  • We can adjust the volume more precisely, and the Share menu has been completely redesigned.
  • In some locations, the maps will be improved and a new view called Look Around will be included that competes face-to-face with Google Street View. As the months go by the improvements will be applied to more areas.
  • Applications can be removed from the iPhone from the updates section of the App Store.
  • The memoji They will have more customization possibilities.
  • The 'Notes' section of our contacts will be blocked when we share them.
  • We will have the possibility to log in to the iCloud website using Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Finally we have some news that will be released later with iOS version 13.1: share audio with AirPods, integration of HomeKit with routers, share folders with iCloud Drive and the Deep Fusion function of the iPhone 11 Pro among other things.

What devices are compatible with iOS 13

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An important point is that what we will see released on Thursday 19 will be iOS 13, but not iPadOS 13. The iPad will have to wait until September 30 to update, at which time we will see the launch of iPadOS. Apple He has decided to distribute the launch in two days, possibly to give himself a margin while everyone installs iOS 13 on the iPhone and resolves the classic harshness that may arise in the process.

That said, we go with the list of the iPhone that can install iOS 13:

  • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro (it will be installed by default)
  • iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max (it will be installed by default)
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch seventh generation

How to upgrade to iOS 13

There are several update cases, and depending on your situation you can choose between one or several. The most common and most recommended case for the general user: update without more. So you keep all the data and renew the system. It is essential to have a backup made before updating to cover risks! Here we explain how to do it on video if you want to save it in iTunes:

You can update like this when Thursday 19 appears the update in Settings> General> Software update. Or if you have automatic updates enabled, then you don't have to do anything: one day you'll get up and the iPhone will have automatically updated to iOS 13.

If you want start from scratch, you can restore the phone, following the steps we offer in this guide. But be careful, because you must first complete that guide and then update to iOS 13. Either that or vice versa: first update to iOS 13 and then restore everything. The order of the factors does not alter the product.

Finally there the case of having an iOS 13 beta installed. If you have the Golden Master of iOS 13.0 installed, just disable the option to install betas on the device so that the updates that are applied become stable. But if you have the iOS 13.1 beta installed and you want to install iOS 13.0 stable, then you have to restore the iPhone and install from scratch.

IOS 13 arrival time may vary, but approximately it can be:

  • Between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in Spain (peninsular zone)
  • Between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. in the Canary Islands
  • Between 12:00 and 14:00 in Argentina and Chile
  • Between 10:00 and 12:00 in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

Normally there are many people waiting for the update, so that do not be surprised if as soon as the time comes everything becomes saturated and we cannot update for a few hours (or even a whole day). Here we can only recommend patience: there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of iPhone users and for many servers you have Apple There is no way for everyone to update at the same time.

Of course, from Applesfera we will promptly inform you as soon as iOS 13 is available. Remember that, above all, it is important that keep a backup of your data choose the way you choose to update. The chances that you need it in case of error are lowercase, but not zero.

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