how to use a background image

by Kelvin
Teclado Gboard: cómo utilizar una imagen de fondo

The keyboard can become one of the most important points for users at the software level. Each person has his hobbies and his comforts, for example I am more than well accustomed to using Gboard on every mobile that I buy. However, there are others who prefer those that come associated with some layers of customization or manufacturers. Whatever it is, few keyboards have as much customization capability as Gboard.

On this occasion, we will show you how to integrate a conventional image as the background of your mobile keyboard. A functionality that only available on Gboard and with which the great customization capacity which integrates the Google keyboard in each version.


So you can integrate an image in the background of the keyboard

With each version that passes Gboard has a greater number of themes. Landscapes, minimalist images, portraits, flat colors, gradients … There are many options from which users can choose each time they want to customize their devices more intensely. The seal of identity of each one is crucial to identify our mobile in any type of situation, so, today we are going to teach you How to put an image at the bottom of your keyboard.

If the themes that appear in the latest update of Gboard do not convince you at all, you can now integrate any photo so you can enjoy it every time you go to write. To do this, just follow the steps below

  1. Access Gboard settings
  2. Click on the "Themes" tab (color palette)
  3. Choose the first option in which a photo and a + symbol appear
  4. Choose the photo in question in the archives (Google Drive, Google Photos, Gallery, Camera)
  5. Place the image in the best possible way
  6. Apply the new theme.

how to use a background image 3 how to use a background image 4

Once this process has been completed, you can count on the photograph chosen as the background of the keyboard at all times. In addition, you can alter the brightness of it to improve the display of the keyboard letters. In this quick and easy way you can enjoy your favorite photographs at all times. If at any time you decide to change your mind you just have to do the same steps again bypassing access to photographs and choosing any other subject.

Gboard - the Google keyboard Gboard - the Google keyboard

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