How to use an external HDD / SSD with an Xbox One

by Kelvin
How to use an external HDD / SSD with an Xbox One

Your Xbox has the possibility to increase internal storage through an SSD or HDD and thus allow you to install more updates, applications and more games.

I did this process on an Xbox One S, connecting a 1TB Seagate hard drive I bought from Amazon, but surely you can also do it with other versions and, the good thing about Xbox is that it applies the same menu and options on all its consoles. Here we tell you the requirements and steps to configure and use your hard drive.



  1. External storage drive of at least 1TB of storage.
  2. USB 3.0 storage drive (USB 2.0 is not supported).
  3. The storage unit must be free and ready to use (all your information will be deleted for use with the console).
  4. The storage unit can be a hard disk (HDD) or solid state (SSD).
  5. The minimum storage on the external drive must be a minimum of 128GB.

Take into account that this storage unit must be used exclusively for the Xbox and the first time you start using it for it, it will restore and format the hard drive, deleting everything you have previously.


This screen will appear when you connect the external drive for the first time, asking you what format you want to do.

  1. Turn on your Xbox One
  2. Enter the Storage settings: Configuration> System
  3. Connect your storage drive
  4. In this section, the two recognized drives will appear on the right side: the internal and external hard drives, as well as the availability of memory.
  5. As soon as you connect the external hard drive, the Xbox will ask you if you want to use it as a drive for games and multimedia storage
  6. Choose the Format Disc option to give it a format in which the Xbox can install games and applications
  7. Then the console will ask you if you want to use this new disk as the main device to store your games.

Once you give it the indicated format, the new hard drive will appear as part of your storage for games and applications.

From now on, everything you install, as long as they are games or applications (such as Netflix or Spotify) will be installed on this new disc. From the same menu in step 2 you can check the settings of this device, how to use it to save your files, transfer data or format it.

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