We discovered the Live View feature a few months ago, when Google started testing it on some Pixel and also in users who have level 5 of Local Guides. However, it has not been until today that Google has announced its launch for many more users. Live View uses your phone's camera, through Google Maps, to show you directions with augmented reality that overlap on all Google Street View images.


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That is, it allows you to see in real time signs on the map when you point the camera on your phone, something really useful for navigating the city and locating businesses or streets. Google ensures that the Google Maps Live View feature will soon be available to all users although its deployment will be gradual.

Who can use Google Maps Live View?

All those users with a phone that supports:

  • ARKit in the case of iPhone.
  • ARCore in the case of Android.

As we can see in TechCruch, this Live View feature would only be available in those places where there is Street View. If the street view is not available in any country, this new function cannot be used.

How to use the live view “Live View” of Google Maps?

How to use Augmented Reality to navigate Google Maps 1

To use Live View you just have to press "Start RA" in Google Maps and point the camera of your mobile towards the ground. You will see on the screen the real world as if you were in a video game with virtual elements using the RA: Arrows and signs about the environment as you can see in this GIF.

Google Maps will use your GPS to extract your coordinates and mix your camera data with Street View images, to know where you are pointing. In order to achieve this, Google has had to work very hard in the use of algorithms with Artificial Intelligence that can identify the images and mix them with the ones your phone is providing in real time. With the use of these advanced algorithms Google is able to determine the environment you are in and show you these elements.

The only problem with using Live View in Google Maps is that Spend a lot of battery and mobile data, because all the functions that involve the RA do it. On the one hand the mobile has to turn on the screen, use the camera and all the sensors in real time and in turn it is necessary to send this data to Google servers so that the firm can recognize the environment, which will increase the cost of mobile data. The function is gradually reaching users, although you need the Google Maps beta for Android and iOS if you want to try it.

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