How to use dialing on iPadOS 13: Turn your iPad into …

by Kelvin

Last year is the dry season. Apple in the hardware room, and it looks like this won't change in the near future, if an impending device leak is reliable. However, things are completely different on the software side. IOS 13 marked a paradigm shift, which was somehow as important as moving to iOS 7.

This is the iOS version where the iPad finally receives proper maintenance, with the iPadOS fork. Although it is not officially available, you can experience iPadOS by installing a beta version if you have a developer account. We discuss how you can do it, here.


iPadOS brings many productivity-oriented enhancements to the iPad. There are many new features to write; We will focus on the marking functionality on the new iPadOS. This is an article on how to do it, and we'll show you how to use Markup to get the most out of a pen-equipped iPad.

How does interface marking appear?

When taking a screenshot: Very simple: if you want to use Markup with a screenshot, swipe up from the corner of the screen: This will take a screenshot and give you a Markup interface.

By tapping the Dial icon in compatible apps: Some apps, including Messages, Letters, and Photos, to name a few, have a special Dial button that looks like this: To access the dial interface in this app, Touchez the button in the app.

How to use Markup Tool on iPad and iPhone on iOS 13

The marking interface shows various tools that you can use to draw. The size, shape, and weight of the brush come in handy when drawing with different icons: pens for fine and fine lines, markers for wider scratches, and pencils for finer scratches. Each can be configured for weights and transparency.

Are you not satisfied with your marking? Eraser removes all bumps at once
The lasso option only works after drawing something with another tool. This allows you to select individual brush strokes and then move them around.

The color option on the right allows you to choose a color for your stroke marking. If you are not satisfied with the five default colors, there is a wider palette option on the right.

Finally, the plus icon hides some of the most useful marking tools: signature tool for electronically signing your documents, text box tools, quick forms, and magnifying glasses.

What are the essential use cases for marking tools?

Using Markup, you can:

  • Edit screenshot
  • Sign digital documents
  • Add additional fun to the image in Messenger
  • Create a markup in the Notes app
  • Classic use case: make small modifications to the image in the Photos app

Let's look at this at once. Editing screenshots is simple: As we mentioned earlier, just swiping from an angle will open the markup interface, allowing you to edit screenshots on the spot.

How to use markup to put signatures on PDF files, documents on iPadOS and iOS 13

If you want to sign the document before printing it, you must do the following:

Step 1. Open a PDF or document file.

Step 2. Touchez on Marking icon.

Step 3. Then Touchez More button and choose FirmAdd a signature if you have not already done so → Choose signature in the popup and scale and place the signature where you want it.

Sign PDF files with markup on iPadOS 13

How to use dialing in the messaging app on iPad and iPhone

You can use the dial tool to have a little more fun in messaging, it's simple. You must:

Step 1. Open Message application on your device

Step 2.
Open any conversation or start a new one.

Step 3.
Touch it photo icon and choose a photo.

Tap the Photos icon to add photos to the message

Step 4.
Touch it Photo when it's in the message and then Touchez Marking icon → Use Dial as needed, then Touchez Save → Touchez Up blue arrow icon Send.

Select Photos and tap Dial in the messaging app

Use markup in messages on iPadOS 13

How to mark, write and draw on photos on iPadOS and iOS 13

If you want to use Markup to edit photos:

Step 1. Open Photo app and select a photo.

Step 2. Touchez edit, then click three dots icon

Tap Edit in the iPadOS 13 photo app

Step 3.
Touchez on Marking icon → Use Dial as needed, then Touchez Done

Use marking to draw, annotated on photos on iPadOS

How to use Markup in the Notes app on iPadOS

Step 1. Open Application Notes on your device

Step 2.
Open a existing notes or make a new one

Step 3.
Touchez on Marking icon and use Markup as needed.

Use markup in notes app on iPadOS 13

That's it for now people. I hope the detailed guide on using this markup on the new iPadOS has helped you.


Remember, any application that supports the marking functionality will have a marking icon. Touching it will bring up the dial interface for use. Yes, it is a wrap. iPadOS 13 brings an additional load of functionality, which can turn your iPad into an original productivity engine. Stay here for further instructions!

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For what purposes do you use marking more? What additional features do you want to have in Markup? Share your thoughts in the comments and make sure you're connected to us at Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

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