How to use Facebook For you Apple Watch

How to use Facebook For you Apple Watch

Facebook It is the most popular social media platform without which we cannot think of a single day. And luckily, all devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets, let you log in. Facebook No problem. But I never thought of Apple Watch, a small device that can be worn on the wrist?

Previously it was the LittleBook application that made it possible Apple Watch Users wear FaceBook on the wrist. But you no longer need to have an app. Rather Apple It has made this process easier by updating WatchOS 5. They included a machine called Webkit in the Safari web browser and this has made things easier. However, it is important to mention that WatchOS 5 is not compatible with the original Apple Watch but quite compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 and 4. So if you are wondering how to use FaceBook Apple Watch 3 or 4, this article will definitely help you.


The process is very simple. Continue reading to discover the process.

Steps to use Facebook in the Apple Watch 3 and others

Apple not including any Safari browser in Apple Watch, but only a web kit will allow you to open web pages on your watch. Remember that you can enjoy to the fullest Facebook content there, but Youtube and other videos will not open on Apple Watch. Follow the steps below to use Facebook in the Apple Watch 3 and you will be fine

    First, send yourself an email in the body of the letter. This email should be sent to the account you set up for the Mail program on your iPhone. This will ensure that the message can be read Apple Watch likewise then go to Apple Watch, open the Mail application and open the email client inbox. Open your inbox and then slide the screen to allow new messages to be downloaded. When email appears on the internet Apple Watch screen touch Facebook The link. It will open soon and you have to give it id and password Login credentials will be required only once. Now, start using it on Apple Watch.

The good is Facebook will be formatted according to Apple Watch screen so you can enjoy everything smoothly.


You can also text yourself with Facebook link instead of email message. But, there are several benefits of the email message. For example, email messages allow you to mark messages and they will appear in the Dial inbox. And fortunately, the marked messages appear as additional email messages in Gmail, Yahoo, and all other inboxes. Therefore, it will be very easy to find the email messages in the marked inbox. So this is how you can use it Facebook in the Apple Watch Series 4 and others

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