How to use keyboard shortcuts on Netflix


Netflix does not need to be introduced as the first streaming service. With an award-winning catalog of original content and thousands of movies and TV shows, there really is something for everyone. After choosing the content to watch, just sit back and relax. But wait, what if there is a scene you have to repeat or if you need to stop and buy popcorn? Netflix keyboard shortcuts make it very easy to pause, rewind, and go full screen in case there is no mouse nearby. Here are all the web browser keyboard shortcuts you need to control all your favorite content.


Play / Pause

This is undoubtedly one of the most used shortcuts on Netflix. Forget going to the screen and hitting the play or pause button. All you need to do is press the space bar or the Enter key. Press a button once to pause and again to play. That's all you have to do. A slightly larger space bar is more likely an option, but the key works fine.


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This is one of the "must have" keyboard shortcuts. You don't do justice in movies or TV shows unless you watch full screen. Forget about other distractions or openings windows on your desktop, just enjoy the entertainment. To maximize the screen, press the F button to take up the space on your monitor. Do you want to get away? Press the Esc key and you will exit the full screen. That is easy.

Rewind and fast forward

Do you know the scene of a movie that you have to watch repeatedly? Of course yes. We all have it.Fortunately, Netflix makes it easy to fast forward or backward ten seconds so you can watch non-stop. To fast forward, press the right arrow key and jump forward. To rewind or rewind, press the left arrow and return within ten seconds. Of course, we are not responsible if you handle other people, you are crazy with this keyboard hack.

Volume up or down

Forget about the volume slider on the Netflix player. Keyboard shortcuts came to the rescue. If you want to increase the volume in front of a major scene, use the up arrow to add audio. Do you want to make everything smoother? Use the down arrow and everything will calm down a bit. Note You won't see the volume slider change, but you will immediately hear the volume go up or down. This keyboard shortcut works regardless of whether you use internal computer speakers, external speakers, or headphones.

Mute volume

There are moments in every movie or TV show that you have to silence. This is an unfortunate time and we hope to pass quickly. The function of this keyboard is nothing more than pressing the M key on your keyboard to make no sound. Turn the volume back on by pressing the M button again. We're not sure why you need to mute a movie or TV show, but keyboard shortcuts are the fastest way to do it.

Windows The application

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While most people tend to throw Netflix parties on their browsers, the streaming giant does offer Windows 10 and Windows 8 The application. The shortcut options are significantly paired but still available. In Windows 10, you can use the space bar to change play or pause. Just like a web browser, a single press of the space bar will play the movie with the others pressing to stop. Close Esc allows you to exit full screen when the application starts in full screen mode from the beginning.

Inside Windows 8 app, there is only one shortcut option, space bar. Again, these shortcuts alternate between games or breaks. They follow the same rules as before, one Touchez to play, one Touchez to pause.


Netflix does its best to make viewing your content as easy as possible. From apps to shortcuts and lots of hidden categories, the company really doesn't want you to look elsewhere for your entertainment. Do you know all these shortcuts? Let us know in the comments if this will help make your Netflix look easier.


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