How to use Live View to guide you with Augmented Reality in Google Maps


that Augmented reality More and more angles try to make life easier for us. This is a technology that combines a real environment with virtual elements on the screen. Something that can be used for fun things like seeing Pokemon on our real streets, but also for practical things like seeing the direction of where to go at the next intersection. And this is what Google Maps is doing now.

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Actually, the Live View feature has been around since the advent of Google Pixel 3a. Middle-class mobile with all the company's services, some as sophisticated as Google Maps' new augmented reality feature. Now it seems that this feature is starting to be seen on other phones. It has appeared on the Huawei P20 Pro, and this is how it looks, you can also use Live view.

Step by Step

Keep updating the Google Maps application to the latest version. To do this, stop by Google Play Store If you have an Android phone. Here you can download the pending updates that activated this function. However, Google generally spreads its features gradually. So don't despair if you see it Live view It does not appear on your cell phone. It will come sooner or later. There is currently a beta or trial version available, so it is only natural that it is not available to all users.

Once done, open Google Maps and search for any address. Use the top bar to write the name of the street, store or any reference that works to find a purpose of the application.

Then press the button How to get so Google Maps shows you step by step how to get to your destination. But in this case we are not interested in the classic guide on the map. If your Live View is activated, this feature will appear at the bottom of the screen, next to the Start button and a list of steps.

The first time you click Live View, you will be prompted to do so. activate permission use a terminal camera. There is also a short tutorial to find out how this Augmented Reality feature works. After seeing all this, we can start using it.

Use live view

When you activate Live View, you must hold your cell phone to focus on the road and the buildings around you. In fact, Google Maps will ask you to scan the building and the poster in front of you to find it. In this way, and thanks to GPS, you can see a mini map at the bottom of the screen, while the directions are shown directly on the road, with Augmented Reality.

Note that your phone detects if you lay it flat on a table or on a flat surface. So if you stop holding it vertically you will go to classic map view. Vice versa. Something very practical for switch between normal view and live view functions.

Google maps

When you use Live View, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions. If you follow the path and Google Maps recognizes the environment correctly, you can see it how high is the next turn. Or request all the references you need to find yourself across the screen.

Please note, of course, that this feature is intended for walking trips only. Also, this is a beta or test feature, so please be careful when using it as a reference: it may not be completely reliable. The good thing is that you can always use Google Maps regularly just focusing on the road.

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