How to use Telegram to translate in several languages

by Kelvin

Telegram offers a lot of functionality, but did you know that it can be used to translate text in several languages? Surely not, that is why we are going to show you how it is done simply in case at any time you would like to try it.

If something is known this app is for the a lot of features that it offers if we compare it with WhatsApp, its main competitor, hence a large number of people prefer Telegram over WhatsApp, although Telegram is not only limited to offering that one possibility.


The bots they are one of the most characteristic details of the application, Telegram add-ons with which users can interact to execute a large number of tasks and it is possible to use different bots to translate into several languages.

Translate text with @TranslateBot

Although we can find different bots that allow us to translate words or texts, we are going to make use of one called @TranslateBot, follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram in the chat tab and type the word “in the top search engine”translateBot”Without the quotes, the first one on the list will appear, so press it and click where it says "start bot", option you will see at the bottom. That will cause the bot to translate to start and you can start using it.

Image - How to use Telegram to translate in several languages

  1. You will see that immediately a message appears informing you of what the bot does, what languages ​​you can translate (in this case up to 22) and the commands you should use if you want to start translating.

Image - How to use Telegram to translate in several languages

  1. Without leaving the chat, now write down / language and choose the language to which you are going to translate the text you want, choose only one, for example, “english”.

Image - How to use Telegram to translate in several languages

  1. By last, Write the phrase or word in Spanish that you want to translate to that language and send it, in a few seconds the bot will answer you with the English translation of what you just wrote, although you can even listen to the translated text by clicking on “speech”.

Image - How to use Telegram to translate in several languages

Ready, you can translate everything you want and to the languages ​​you need at any time, to change the language you just have to write and send again / language and choose it as we showed you in the previous steps.

He bot @TranslateBot It allows you to translate text in Spanish into English, French, Italian, Turkish, Hindi, Suomi, German and some other languages. Not only can you translate phrases or single words from Spanish to other languages, but you can write a word in English or another language to put it into Spanish as well.

There are other bots of Telegram that also allow you translate in several languages what you want, but this is one of the simplest and easiest to use, and you can also use it in the Telegram mobile application or, if you prefer, in the app to Windows.