How to use the buried treasure map in Fortnite

by Kelvin
How to use the buried treasure map in Fortnite 1

How to use the buried treasure map in Fortnite 2

We tell you how to use the treasure map buried in Fortnite. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed location of the Buried Treasure Map in Fortnite . We would love to head for a Treasure Map, but we can't. Instead, we can tell you that you will find the legendary item randomly as loot or inner chests. Surprisingly, however, the buried treasure maps are relatively high in number. We were able to find two or three in the course of a game.

Once you collect a buried treasure map, things start to get interesting. However, keep in mind that you can only keep one at a time and it will take up a space in your inventory space. If you take a second map, it will simply replace the one you already have. You can also collect the buried treasure maps of the defeated enemies that had one.


How to use the buried treasure map in Fortnite

Once you have a buried Treasure Map, simply highlight it in your inventory to use it. On, a dark orange dotted line will magically appear on the floor around your character. Follow this line to find your loot. Unfortunately, too, the locations of the Buried Treasure are apparently random. You cannot know where one is unless you use the Map.

Following the dotted line will finally take you to the X Marks the Spot location. This will be a large black X painted on the floor, which emanates a golden glow. Only the owner of the Map can see this, not even your teammates can. Head to the middle of the big X and start digging with your Beak. This will take a good amount of changes to complete, so be careful with the other players. If other players notice that you are digging, they can also join, which will make the process faster.

After digging up the chest, simply open it to claim your legendary loot.

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