How to use the Google Chrome Canary shared clipboard

by Kelvin
How to use the Google Chrome Canary shared clipboard

Google Chrome adds a shared clipboard

When you use several devices during your day to day, whether during work hours or leisure time, the synchronization of data between them is ideal and very useful. Therefore, that Google integrates a shared clipboard into your Chrome browser is great news.


In the Chrome 77 version of the Canary channel, Google added the “Send to your device” feature. Thanks to this option, you could send the website you were visiting on your smartphone to the computer or vice versa. Now in the version 79 from Google Chrome Canary a “shared clipboard” has been added with which to copy text fragments between devices.

If you want to know how to start using and taking advantage of this new feature, these are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Download e install Chrome Canary 79 version on both devices, both your computer and mobile device. The links for the different versions are as follows: Windows 64 bits Windows 32 bits, macOS 10 and Android.
  2. Open the browser and in the address bar type chrome: // flags /
  3. In the search box type clipboard to more quickly locate the option you should activate. When you have it, display the menu and select Enable.
  4. Now relaunch the browser so that the change is applied.

Clipboard Share Chrome canary

Performed all the previous steps it is time to test how it works. A note before, synchronization between devices must be active. To verify that you are accessing the icon with your profile picture. If an option to activate it appears, do so. If not, you are ready.

Now, if you select a text, when you click on the second mouse button on your computer, the option "Send the link to your devices" will appear if it is a URL or "Send to your devices" if it is only a piece of text. Select which device to send and go.

To do it from the phone the procedure is identical. Select the text, give it to share and then "Send to." On your computer you will see a notification indicating that the information has been copied to the clipboard.

Android and its future integration with the computer

Fast Share Android 10This solution proposed by Chrome in its Canary version to share the clipboard is something intermediate to what will come with Android 10. Fast share is the function that will allow to have a service similar to Airdrop of Apple.

Thanks to the use of Bluetooth technology, you can make your devices detect when they are close to each other. That way, you can not only share texts, but also send any type of file between them. An And that is a really useful capacity that accelerates the work with several devices at the same time.

For now, if you have any of the Huawei terminals that offer support for your device integration solution Windows, or one of the recent Note 10 and the app that offers the same for both Windows Like Mac you can enjoy something like that. If not, you will have to keep waiting for the update to Android 10.