How to use the hand sign at House Party


Even those who have never used House Party will recognize its famous logo: the yellow waving hand on the red background. It looks like he's inviting you to join the fun and start chatting with your friends.

When you enter the app, you will see a similar hand sign next to the names of all your contacts. In this article, we will explain what the hand means and how you can use it to enhance your House Party experience.


What does the hand sign mean?

If you open your contact list, you will see the username and photos of all your friends. You will also be able to see if they are currently online or offline.

In addition, you will see a small sign with the yellow hand next to each name, as well as a small green sign with the phone. If you touch the hand sign, it means that you are inviting your friend to chat. In turn, they will receive a notification that has greeted them. And if they are free, they can send you a message or call you.

Alternatively, if you click on a small phone signal, the app will call your friend. That is great if your friend waits for your call. However, if you are not sure that they can speak right now, it would be better to say hello first, just to see how they will react.

Also, if your friend is currently on a call with someone else, you can join them. All you have to do is Touchez the Join sign next to your name, unless the call is blocked.

Difference between a wave and a message

Some people believe that shaking and sending a message is the same. Or they might wonder why they should greet someone when they can send them a message right away.

Shaking can mean many things. Young people prefer it because it is very informal. You can greet a friend to show them that you are there and ready to chat. That way, they can call you when they have a chance. No pressure.

Also, if you want someone to know you are thinking about them, shaking may be the best way to go. It shows them that it is not urgent. They can respond when they have some free time.

It can also be a good way to show that you miss someone. A simple wave saves you from the discomfort of trying to express your feelings in words.

Can I greet more people?

If you want all your friends to know that you are ready to chat, you can say hi to all of them. Although there is no option to automatically activate private chats, there is another option that you can use.

You can always create a new chat and add up to eight participants (including yourself). You can do this by tapping the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen. Then write the names of the friends you want to invite.

You have now created a room where you can chat, make video calls, or play games. Again, you will see the yellow hand sign between the icons at the bottom of the screen. When you click on it, all participants will receive a notification that they want to chat.

home party use hand

Difference between a home party hand and a Facebook Wave

The waving hand is not a new concept in any way. We have seen it in many messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger. However, it can have a very different meaning. In Facebook, you can greet someone who is not in your contact list. Maybe you just sent them a request, but don't try to add them as a friend.

While the House Party hand serves to greet people you have already chatted with or are planning to initiate a call with. It is a little more personal. Conversely, shaking in other apps can mean almost anything.

Simple and fast way to chat

We all tend to simplify our daily tasks, and this also applies to our conversations. The House Party app is perfect for people who want to contact their friends with just one click. Young people prefer this form of communication, but there is no age limit for those who use the app.

After all, we all want to be in touch with our friends even if we don't live in the same city. Have you already tried the House Party app? what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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