How to use the new animated emojis, Slow mode and Silent send function in Telegram

by Kelvin
How to use the new animated emojis, Slow mode and Silent send function in Telegram

New silent mode in Telegram

Telegram now allows you to send silent messages to your contacts when you think they may be sleeping or simply if you know they should not be interrupted at that time (for being studying for example or in a meeting). It is true that in these cases it is normal for our interlocutor to simply silence your phone if you do not want to be disturbed, but surely you have ever seen yourself in some case in which you wanted to send a message to someone without interrupting of his activities or suspecting that he might be in the arms of Morpheus.

In these cases, you just have to take advantage of the new mute function of the application. Using it is very simple:

  1. Write the message you want to send to your caller as always.
  2. Once written, press and hold the Send button for a few seconds.
  3. A message “Send without sound” will appear. Click on it.
  4. The message will reach your receiver without it ringing on your phone – although a notification will appear on your screen.

The new silent function works also in groups, as Telegram says, for those cases where you have a brilliant idea at 5 in the morning but it can wait to be read when the members wake up.

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Slow or Slow mode in groups

And speaking of groups, there is now a new function specifically for them. This is the so-called Slow mode and is responsible for managing the volume of messages of a group by time. What you are reading The administrator of a group can activate the Slow mode (or Slow in English) and choose how long a member should wait between sending a message and the next one – this will always know how much time he has left to publish another one, as you can see in The bottom image. The intervals of this curious “timer”They go from 30 seconds 1 hour and seeks to establish a better control of the conversation in large groups, so that people do not post messages to mansalva.

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To activate it, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Enter the group you are interested in moderating with the timer and click on the upper box where the name of the timer and the number of members appear.
  2. Once the menu is displayed, Touchez on the pencil icon.
  3. In Edit mode, Touchez Permissions.
  4. You will see that just under the permission options, the so-called Slow mode (disabled by default) now appears.
  5. Choose the interval time you want.
  6. Click on the confirmation stick in the upper right corner. Ready.

How to use Telegram animated emojis

Another of the new additions in Telegram is the use of animated emojis. The platform had already decided on animated stickers, but now it extends this feature to lifelong emojis. Yes, for now only selected emojis They are shown on the move, so you can only enjoy the animated Emojis if you send the following icons: ????, ❤️, ????, ???? or the Party Face (the face with the party hat and the dreamcatcher in the mouth).

Its use is as simple as select it in a conversation and send it (works in both conversations to two as in groups). It is not something you should activate and you will not be able to choose not to send them that way anymore (except from desktop Telegram, in which case they still do not work). Simply by selecting them, they will be sent with a new characteristic movement and displayed in larger size.