How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

by Kelvin

For one thousand reasons, you may want to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time. To make this possible, there are only two solutions: install the Business version on the one hand and the current on the other. In case you have two WhatsApp accounts of the same type, to use them at the same time you will have to use two smartphones.

More than anything because combine two accounts on WhatsApp closing and logging in is a nuisance, since you have to validate your phone number in a long process that once performed is not a problem but that if we had to repeat daily it would be a waste of time.


While WhatsApp does not offer this function, to start two accounts at the same time, as they allow, for example, Twitter or Instagram, we have to settle for two possible solutions. The first has to do with your phone, but for that it must be Dual SIM compatible and, as such, you should use two SIM cards, that is, have two different telephone lines.

The second, more practical solution is to use an application such as Dual space. Let's see what it consists of.

One phone, two accounts

Available exclusively for Android, we can download Dual space directly from Google Play or in APK form from its official page. The app is free and offers additional features that are unlocked by payment.

In this article we highlight your WhatsApp support, but we can also use Dual Space to duplicate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Line, to name a few examples. Some of these apps already allow you to use two accounts at once, others still to be seen in the future.

As a curiosity, Dual Space separates both accounts, so that its operation and the storage of data and messages is saved separately. Come on, you can literally use both accounts without mixing them each. The same goes for notifications, which you will receive and see separately.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone 3

What's more, you can even use a second secret account, so that the second WhatsApp account is shown hidden from others in case someone searches your phone. So you can manage your main account and your second WhatsApp account without anyone having to know.

If we go to detail, we must clarify that Dual space It allows you to have two versions of WhatsApp working at the same time, but this does not mean that the two accounts share a phone number. To understand us, Each WhatsApp account is associated with a phone number. Simply, with Dual Space we will have the possibility of using both accounts on the same mobile device even if it only has one SIM or associated number. Moreover, the first time we clone WhatsApp and log in to the final phone, we must confirm the account through the associated phone.

You will find more information about Dual space On its official website, where you will also find a section dedicated to the most frequently asked questions in English.

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