YouTube Music continues to improve by giant steps. It remains one of the services with the best library and has everything to succeed but the management of music in it is still a little behind its competitors such as Spotify or Apple Music That is why he has recently obtained the ability to Sort albums and all kinds of content that we have stored in the library.

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Now, comes another novelty even more interesting, the new Playlist (playlist) of Releases, with the 50 most popular songs of the moment, similar to the classic “New Daily Music” lists on Apple Music and “New Friday Music” on Spotify. With the list of Releases from YouTube Music you can meet new music without looking for songs.

What songs can we find in this new release list?

Releases consists of the 50 most popular songs of the week and will be updated every Friday. The first edition of the list coincided with the release of Taylor Swift's latest hit, Lover. This makes the single decorate the cover although everything seems to indicate that YouTube Music will adopt this template instead of the classic generic icon of YouTube They were using the older lists.

YouTube  Music Releases

How to enter the list of Releases YouTube Music?

Some users have already been able to see this new list in their home tab feed, with the classic “New playlist” sign. Like other library lists, it can also be added to our collection and even be downloaded to listen without internet connection.

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To enter it, if you don't see it anywhere on your cover, you just have to click here. It is a totally different list to the new Mix of releases, which is totally personalized and designed for you. The list of new releases will be the same for all users and it will be those 50 most popular new songs of the week.

It is, at least curious, that the new release list of Releases arrives right at YouTube Music after that Apple Music has renewed its list last Friday and changed the title of “The best of the week” to “New daily music”. You've tried? Do you think that YouTube Music will one day become the relay of these services?

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