How to virtualize Android on Android with VMOS

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How to virtualize Android on Android with VMOS 1

Did you know that this is possible? Android virtualization on Android with VMOS? This is a free application that allows you to run a separate operating system within your own Android phone, which becomes a virtual machine.

I mean You can use two Android examples, your own phone and you are running the VMOS application. This is a complete system, that is, you can use all the applications you want and Google Play is also available to download any application.

But the most interesting will come, VMOS allows you to run applications that require rootSo this can be very interesting for users who need this feature, they can try apps that they don't want to use on their smartphones.

Download VMOS from Google Play

VMOS This is an application that we can get for free Google play, but note that it weighs a lot compared to other apps, so you should have a little patience.

  1. Download VMOS for Android

After downloading, follow these steps:

  1. Open VMOS and grant the necessary permissions, that's what you are requesting, but you better authorize everything because otherwise the operation might not be what you expected.
  2. When you complete that step, open the app and you will notice that the ROM download will start, a process that can take approximately 5 minutes between download and install.
  3. Once this is done, you can now open a virtual machine with Android, where you will find a system that is ready and very complete with everything you need to use it, from Google Play to different configurations. It looks like you have a second Android phone, but without having it.
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In that Android, you can download WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other applications you want to use or try. Of course, everything you do in this matter virtual machine, will not affect the operation of your phone where you have installed VMOS.

However, there is something you should know, which is running VMOS It is highly recommended to have a phone with solid technical characteristics. so that the virtualized Android that the application offers works perfectly.

Perhaps, when you run Android in VMOS, you will see that at certain times your phone is experiencing performance, but that is normal, because you must remember that you are actually running two systems, mobile and virtualized.

The virtual machine will run in the background and meanwhile You can use your phone normally. When you want, you can open it again or even close it if you don't want to use it for a long time, so it won't affect the performance of your cell phone.

This is very simple Android virtualization on Android with VMOS, no additional settings or other strange things are needed, a simple free application allows each user to have a second Android on their device to use to test applications, store multimedia content, etc.

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