How to watch the Perseidas 2019 live on YouTube and photograph them with the mobile

by Kelvin
How to watch the Perseidas 2019 live on YouTube and photograph them with the mobile

How to watch the Perseidas 2019 live on YouTube and photograph them with the mobile 1

The perseidas, popularly known as the tears of San Lorenzo, are a meteor shower of high activity. But don't worry, this does not mean that the Armageddon as Michael Bay painted it for us, but it is one of the most important astrological events of the year that has thousands of followers.

Vision hindered by the Moon

Known in the countries of Catholic tradition with the name of tears of San Lorenzo for being on August 10 the day of this saint, in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance the Perseids took place the night he was remembered, in such a way that they were associated with the tears that San Lorenzo shed when he was burned at the stake . This phenomenon has its origin in comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle, and in itself they are high-speed meteors that go to 59 km / s and radiate from the constellation Perseus. In themselves they are visible in many places, especially outside urban centers where light pollution is scarce.


The Perseids usually have their peak on today's date precisely on August 10, but this year experts have announced that the we will see better between days 12 and 13In fact, this morning they will reach their peak of visibility. According to the National Geographic Institutel, "maximum rainfall activity is expected to take place between 4 a.m. and 5 p.m. on day 13 (official hours on the peninsula). So the best night for observation should be August 12-13; unfortunately the almost coincidence of the maximum with the full moon –full moon for this August 15– complicates the observation. If we have patience we can wait for the Moon to hide (about 5 hours of official peninsular time) and take advantage of the short period of time until the beginning of dawn.

See the Perseids 2019 by YouTube

The place of observation can be any as long as it provides a dark sky. It is preferable to observe from a place that has few obstacles to sight (such as buildings, trees or mountains), and not use optical instruments that limit the field of vision. Although the persecutions seem to come from the constellation of Perseus (hence its name), they can be seen anywhere in the sky. It is advisable to look towards the darkest areas, in the opposite direction to the position of the Moon if the observation is made before sunset. The most comfortable is to lie down and wait for the view to get used to the darkness.

The number of observable meteors per hour is very variable. In a very dark place and with the radiant high above the horizon can exceed one hundred. However, the number of meteors observed per hour can vary very rapidly depending on the density of fragments in the comet's wake, so "specific predictions about specific number of meteors depending on the day and time are difficult to make and are usually affected by high uncertainty. "

Those who have a telescope and the option of being in a good place with appropriate conditions can see them without problems, but if we want to see them equally well although we have no means, then our mobile becomes the best possible option for it. Here you have the player to watch them live by streaming from the Sky-Live TV expert channel, which will broadcast them tonight from the Oukaimeden Observatory in Morocco.

Apps to take pictures with your mobile


If you have an iPhone, you can download the ProCam 2,With different shooting modes, the ability to touch sensitivity, burst mode with adjustable image quality, timer, sound trigger, face detection, 4K video or the ability to record images in slow motion.

Hipstamatic, to play with different lenses, flashes and movies to create hundreds of effects; Camera +, with several shooting modes, digital zoom or an option that allows you to use the horizon as a level to not make crooked photos; and Hydra, where what stands out is the quality of the image: capture more light using 60 images to build a single photograph, increase the 8 megapixels of the iPhone camera to 32 and improve the result when night photos are taken. If you prefer an App that helps you to 'plan' your best photography, we propose PhotoPills, (paid) to easily plan any photo with Sun, Moon and Milky Way, for any place on the planet in a systematic way.


For the most advanced in photography, perhaps the most recommended Android App is PhotoCaddy (for a fee) or, Photo Tools (free) Perfectly ClearIn addition to offering a library and filter gallery, it incorporates a camera that can be very useful if we want to take a snapshot by controlling the light in a certain way. Photopill is also available for Android.

For its creators, PV-5 camera get the experience of a DLSR to a mobile application. It incorporates functions such as the braketing to take the same scene with different exposures, or different modes (program or with priority to the exposure time) that will define the characteristics of our photo.

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