How voice control works in Windows

by Kelvin

Originally designed to facilitate the use of a computer for people with reduced mobility, the voice control or voice recognition It is a technology that has been working for years and is already implemented, with greater or lesser success, on platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS or Windows.

Thanks to almost all laptops integrate microphone, and a microphone for a desktop computer does not involve excessive disbursement, anyone can start voice control on Windows and thus open and navigate menus, open or close applications and documents or consult web pages with the voice instead of with the keyboard and mouse lifelong.


Requirements for voice control

Use voice control in Windows 10 is relatively simple. As for physical components, we only need a microphone, external or integrated into the computer. To verify that it is enabled, we can take a look at Home> Settings> Time and language> Voice> Microphone.

The second element we need is the voice control itself that we must activate from the Accessibility options of Windows. Microsoft offers us two ways to find it. The first is to search Speech recognition from the search box of the Start menu.

The second option is to go directly to the Control Panel> Accessibility> Voice recognition> Train the team so that you understand it better.

The assistant Windows It will guide us, step by step, so that the voice control function goes well from the beginning with our voice. When finished, we can start control Windows by voice commands. It won't be like in the movies but almost.

Common voice control commands

Those responsible for voice recognition of Windows 10 have sought the voice commands that we must use be as intuitive as possible. It's not about saying things like Abra Cadabra or expelliarmus but rather use natural language and / or the name of the elements with which we want to interact.

First, to open menus or select specific items, just name them. For example, if we say Start the Start menu of Windows 10. Inside an application, if we say Archive or Watch We will display these menus.

Some voice commands from Windows they have to do with actions that we normally do with the keyboard. For example, if we say Press Windows S the search box will open.

And if we say Click on Recycle Bin We will select the Trash. This implies that if we say Double click on Trash This will open, which is what happens when we double-click on the recycle bin icon.

If we have several applications open we can move through them with the order Change. Switch to Word, switch to Chrome, etc.

In case we don't know what to say at any given time, we can ask Windows with What can I say? and we will get suggestions of voice commands applicable in that circumstance.

Another important aspect of voice control or voice recognition is that you can use it to dictate texts instead of writing them. You can use it in social networks, in any form or in text documents of any program or application.

Some of the dictation commands that will be most practical for you are: new line, new paragraph, without space, go to the beginning of (sentence or paragraph), go to the end of (sentence or paragraph), select word, select all, delete selection, delete previous or next sentence, delete paragraph previous or next, etc.

You will find a complete list of voice commands in Spanish on this page of official Microsoft support. It is not necessary for everyone to memorize. Moreover, testing orders you may give with some new commands or that do the same action with two or more different expressions to the officers.

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