HTTPS only mode, the latest security feature in Firefox

by Kelvin
HTTPS only mode, the latest security feature in Firefox

Firefox introduces HTTPS only mode

Preservation safety when we travel the net it is very important. There are many factors that can affect the security of your systems in one way or another. Therefore, we must always take into account the available security parameters.

Firefox HTTPS only

Upon entering the site, we see that there is an opportunity HTTP or HTTPS … This is what separates an encrypted and theoretically secure site from another where our data will not be safe. Every time we are about to log in or send any information, we must make sure that this site is encrypted.


Now Firefox 83 is there will be only HTTPS mode. This means that when you enter the page, when you click on the link, the encrypted version will always prevail. This logically provides additional security and privacy.

Most web pages nowadays support the HTTPS protocol. However, many maintain links on the site that still redirect to the older version, the unencrypted version of HTTP. Users could even access the Internet directly in the old version. This forces us to enter unencrypted connections and there can be problems.

Always HTTPS or Firefox HTTPS-only mode it will automatically open the encrypted version. If, for example, we click on an HTTP link, it will automatically take us to the encrypted version without opening the old version.

This is a feature that many users of this browser have come to expect. Until now, we have had third-party extensions at our disposal that have the same functionality, but now they will be integrated into the browser itself. Users who wish can use it.

How to enable HTTPS only mode in Firefox

Activating Always HTTPS Mode Firefox is very simple. We just need to follow a series of steps that we are going to mention, and from now on, we can always navigate encrypted.

The first thing we need to do is open Firefox. Keep in mind that this has been available since version 83. From now on, we can change this in Firefox Nightly. Once inside, we have to go to the menu (top right) and enter the Options.

Later we must go to Privacy and security section … There we have to go down and we will find HTTPS only mode. We may choose to have Firefox act like this in our opinion.

Modo solo HTTPS in Firefox

After we have followed these steps, you just need to restart your browser … The changes we made will take effect.

In short, Firefox HTTPS only mode is a feature that provides more security and privacy when browsing the web. Feature that many users have come to expect. This will give us more security, for example, to avoid hijacking the session.