Huami has developed a new mask that allows us to use face recognition on our smartphones

by Kelvin

In addition to wearable, Huami and its product line Amazfit They have played a major role in the technology market with all kinds of products. Outside of them, the firm managed to develop a The n95 mask that allows us to be use face recognition on our mobile phones.

If your mobile device has facial recognition and in these days you have used a medical mask in the past choroan virus, you may be aware of that your smartphone can't recognize you.


This is what Huami wants to avoid with his new N95 mask under the project Aeri. In order for our cell phones to recognize us, the firm has developed a completely revolutionary design that is able to showcase the main areas of our face without being masked.

And is it that, in addition to recognizing our face fully, the facial recognition system will take into account a certain area on our face. In this way, the new mask developed by Huami allows these areas to be fully visualized by facial recognition sensors.

To do this, use is made of translucent materials so that the main parts of our face or even the most special expressions can be recognized.

In addition, the design of this novel allows that even with a mask on our face, we can tell us our faces. This minimizes Social incarceration created COVID-19.

Through | XDA Developers

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