Huawei 5G supports China Media Group to create the first video transmission …


(Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), January 26, 2020) The China Media Group Spring Festival celebration event in 2020 is the first live broadcast using 5G commercial networks abroad. The China Media Group shooting team uses 5G commercial network services from two main operators in the UAE carried out by Huawei 5G teams to send live broadcast signals from Dubai to Beijing in real time to celebrate the Spring Festival.


Huawei 5G base station, 5G CPE and Mi-Fi 5G are adopted in commercial networks. The 5G network loads an average of 80 Mbit / s HD video streaming, allowing Dubai residents to stream their New Year's greetings in HD mode. Chinese viewers can receive greetings directly. As a global pioneer in the commercial deployment of 5G, the UAE has built a large-scale 5G commercial network in 2019 to provide 5G services to the public. Furthermore, ongoing cooperation with vertical industries is carried out to develop Dubai as a 5G city.

5G network features include wide range, high bandwidth and low latency. This can enable collaborative live broadcasts, remote signaling and ordering, and deliveries to multiple locations. HD video streaming can be streamed to the studio in real time using 5G instead of using fiber optics, microwave broadcast systems, or satellite broadcast vehicles. The 5G network simplifies the transmission of HD video signals. A 5G Mi-Fi cell phone weighing just 180 grams can be used to complete live streaming tasks. The 5G live streaming solution has been used in the media industry multiple times, making live streaming more convenient, flexible, and cost-effective.

Huawei 5G supports China Media Group to create the first overseas HD live video stream 3

As the video and media industry develops towards HD, multi-angle and highly interactive, the media industry will have greater requirements for high-bandwidth transmission networks. The media industry will become a major vertical industry that enjoys 5G. With the commercial use of large-scale 5G commercial networks and related terminals, 5G will gradually enable vertical industries to move from pilot projects to large-scale commercialization and promote industrial digital transformation.

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