Huawei already has over 1 million smartphones with Android OS replacement [Rumor]

by Kelvin
Huawei already has over 1 million smartphones with Android OS replacement [Rumor]

Despite the sanction banning US companies from doing business with Huawei only a month old, the company is already managing to turn around. According to information from China Daily, the Chinese company has already manufactured more than 1 million handsets with your new operating system that will replace android and is already shipping the devices for testing.

According to information from India Shopps, the new operating system will be compatible with all Android applications, ie Huawei possibly used Google's open source OS as the basis for its new software.


In addition, rumors say the company is putting a lot of emphasis on security and will release its new operating system with advanced functions for personal data protection. The Asian firm is accused by the US government of using its technology to spy on its customers, which explains its focus on privacy.

Another important point of Huawei's upcoming operating system is that, according to brand executives, the software will work on different devices, including computers and smart electronics. The news should expand the company's operations in the internet of things, as it will create a connected ecosystem.

HongMeng Os or Oak OS?

According to a report from the Global Times, the new operating system will be called HongMeng OS in China and will arrive in the rest of the world as Oak OS (not Ark OS, as previously predicted). The launch of the new software should happen soon, according to Huawei executives themselves.

The sanction banning the company in the United States is on hold and will be back in August. The trend is for Huawei to launch HongMeng OS in China by September, preparing the market for the new reality.

Huawei already has over 1 million smartphones with Android OS replacement [Rumor] 2
Leaked screenshots of Huawei operating system. Image: Mobile Indian

Although Android is an open source program and Huawei can access its base, the Chinese company will not be able to use Google services on its OS, meaning the absence of the Play Store and services like Gmail and Google Drive.

Last week, the Chinese company also lost its partnership with the Facebook and manufacturer devices will no longer come with pre-installed company applications. Nevertheless, users will still be able to use services like WhatsApp and Instagram, just install it manually on the phone.

You can check out the first leaked HongMeng OS images here. So, do you think Huawei will be able to get around and live without Google services? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Via: India Shopps

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