Huawei boss: When we disable Android, we & # 039; ll move to Harmony OS in a moment

by Kelvin
Richard Yu, CEO Huawei

Richard Yu, Huawei CEO (FB Richard Yu)

Today, Huawei officially came up with a longer announced operating system. The new Hongmeng OS, called Harmony OS in our region, is designed for almost every single electronic device, of course, including smartphones and laptops.

American Android to Windows but still not yet replaced. As the chief of a reputable Chinese company revealed, Richard Yu, they have software innovations as a safeguard in case the United States gets back into trouble.


If they do, they won & # 039; t hesitate for a second. In a moment forget to Google and all manufacturer divisions pass on your own alternative.

Richard Yu got excited about introducing a new operating system that took place during the annual manufacturer & # 039; s developer conference, HDC.

Internet of Things

Huawei has told us that it is an open source project, including Harmony OS consuming both mobile phones and modern TVs, Wi-Fi routers, computers, kitchen appliances, data centers or electric cars. Simply everything that works through electricity.

All these devices will one day form the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) and news from China represents one from its building blocks.

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