Huawei confirms that it is willing to license its 5G technology to the US

by Kelvin
Huawei confirma que está dispuesto a licenciar su tecnología 5G a EEUU

Today it is clear that whoever dominates 5G will dominate the technology in the future and that they know very well in China, specifically in Huawei where they are betting heavily on this network for several years now.

Although the US has put Huawei on the ropes, which currently has less than two months left to return to the blacklist of companies that will not be able to acquire American technology, this does not mean that the Chinese giant is giving up and for that reason It has begun to invest huge amounts of money to improve its services and create new alternatives to stop relying on third parties.


Well, during an interview at Huawei headquarters, the CEO and founder of the company has confirmed that his firm is willing to license its 5G technology to US companies.

He has not given many details about what this license will bring but it is expected that patents, codes and chip designs will be found. What Rea Zhengfei has confirmed is that they are not worried about creating rivalry with this decision.

Recall that currently 5G technology already deployed in countries such as South Korea, United States, China, Spain, United Kingdom and other countries is still very limited to what we were promised and is precisely due to lack of infrastructure, so Huawei would already have also found a solution to the lack of its antennas, which were in manufacturing pause after the US ban.

The US veto caused 5G to be delayed in Europe, a continent that has respected the ban. This has strongly affected Huawei.

According to Zhengfei, his firm is now ready to manufacture 5G products without components of American origin, so there would be no problem to date to sell or license its technology to other countries.

The CEO mentions that by the end of 2020 they want to manufacture 1.5 million 5G base stations, although the goal will be somewhat complicated to meet as it was stated that since October they will start to do just over 5,000 stations a month.

What is clear is that Huawei has already found in the short term how to accommodate the US ban, it will be necessary to see if they can overcome this problem in case the veto remains.

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