Huawei delays the launch of the Mate X again

by Kelvin

Huawei took advantage of a press event to confirm that his first folding phone, the Mate X, has been delayed again, according to the portal TechRadar. However, they also anticipated that the device is still scheduled to arrive before the end of this year, presumably during November, since those of Shenzhen intend to take advantage of the sales of the holiday season.

The company had already postponed the availability of the terminal last June, as they required more time to ensure that Mate X met all quality standards. The objective was clear, avoid a failure like Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, the source notes that the changes introduced in recent months failed to meet expectations.


One of the modifications was to replace the steel frame with an aluminum one. Although they managed to reduce the weight, was not tough enough and preferred to keep the first metal. They also intended to apply a protective glass layer to the screen, which was impossible because it does not have the ability to fold, for now. Instead it will keep the plastic protection.

Samsung Galaxy Fold it will be the first foldable phone in the market

TechRadar adds that Huawei already thinks of the successor of Mate X. One of its main novelties would be the incorporation of more screens in the posterior region. And they are experimenting with a glass cover instead of steel, a change that would allow them to add an additional touch panel. If realized, this proposal would be somewhat similar to that of the Galaxy Fold.

The delay of the Huawei Mate X also means that the Fold it will be the first folding smartphone on the market. If there is no other unforeseen event, Samsung will finally launch its product in September, although at the moment they still do not reveal the specific date or the regions where it will be available. The battle for this market segment will begin in the last quarter of the year.