Huawei has started preparing the presentation of the Mate 30, its next smartphone

by Kelvin
Huawei Mate 30 smartphone repensar apresentação

With an increasingly dominant market position, Huawei has been able to show users that it can bring new technologies and apply new concepts to their smartphones.

After the success of the Mate 20 and the latest P30, the brand is set to introduce a new one. Mate 30 is already on its way and will arrive on the 19th. The Chinese brand wants to celebrate this and has now begun to lift the veil!


Huawei Mate 30 smartphone rethink presentation

Huawei started showing off its new smartphone

It was a simple Publication at the Twitter Huawei showed the first post about its upcoming smartphone. Still far from showing shapes or specifications, the brand focused on making known what we might have when it launches.

In a short video it was undeniably clear that this will be another qualitative leap in the line smartphones from Huawei. The main points are similarly focused and the watchword is even the Rethinking Possibilities (Rethink Possibilities).

Also present in this video is the circle, which in the case of Mate 30 can mean many key points. Here we have to appeal to the leaks of information that have already revealed the possible shapes of the cameras of this smartphone.

Mate 30 will rethink technology

There is still a present point, fruit of its motto. We mainly talk about rethinking. Here are obvious fields where Huawei will focus. We talk about a faster charging battery, faster connectivity, probably 5G, and a camera that may be even better than the P30 Pro.

For now the only known specs account for the presence of the Kirin 990 as well as 4K recording at 60 frames per second. There is still the issue of Google services, but we believe that nonetheless this issue will be resolved until it hits the market.

It will be on the 19th that Huawei will show Mate 30 and redefine the market of smartphones. A new revolution in photography and in many more fields is certain. The focus will once again be on 5G and what it can offer the user. Will we finally have a 5G smartphone ready to use?

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