Huawei: How to Change SMS Replies to Reject Calls

by Kelvin
Huawei: How to Change SMS Replies to Reject Calls

SMS text messages are used less and less often, at least for what we originally used. Incoming SMS messages have become a bunch of verification codes for various services or company promotions that we wonder about where they got our number from. However, there is still a function for which text messages are still extremely helpful.

Huawei: Change SMS Answers to Reject Calls

We mean automatic SMS that we can send when someone calls us, but we are busy. The most natural action might be to disconnect or reject the call, but the third option is even more useful because we can use automatic SMS to tell our contact why we cannot answer. Anyway, on Huawei mobile phones, we can edit these notifications , whose default answers may not completely convince us, so the option to change them is also present.


Customize rejection messages

By customizing these messages, we can predefine others that best suit our circumstances. For example, in which Huawei integrates by default There is not one that refers to “I’m driving, then I’ll call you” or any other personal circumstance in which we usually reject calls or with which we want to give these automatic messages a more personal touch.

In call settings

To be able to change them, we need enter the phone number of our Huawei mobile phone and enter the settings by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner. Once inside, we will need to go downstairs and click on the “Reply with SMS” option.

Breathing Message Editor in Huawei 01

Rewrite default messages

Once inside, we’ll see four the default responses that our mobile includes reject calls and send automated messages. We won’t be able to add new ones, but we will be able to edit everything. To do this, we will only need to click on any of them, and the editing window will immediately open, in which we can change or rewrite the quick answer from scratch.

Breathing message editor in Huawei

After that, we will only have press “accept” to remember the answer . Now when someone calls us, we can use it by tapping “Message” on the incoming call screen. There we will see a new remembered option that will receive our contact and warn you why we cannot answer the call.