Huawei: hundreds of thousands of tablets soon with Russian operating system

by Kelvin
Huawei: hundreds of thousands of tablets soon with Russian operating system

Aurora OS is the name of the only – and not yet used – Russian operating system for mobile devices. Huawei now wants to equip 360,000 tablets with this OS in cooperation with the Russian government.

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Huawei is actively seeking alternatives to Google's Android OS. Although the Chinese group wants to put Android on their laptops for as long as possible, the US trade authority's categorization may make future collaboration impossible. Huawei has now begun negotiations with the state-owned Russian network provider Rostelecom, which will need 360.00 tablets for the August 2020 census.

Aurora OS on 360,000 devices

These tablets are to be equipped with the Russian operating system Aurora, an unnamed source said to Reuters: "This is a pilot project. We see it as a first step to launch the Russian operating system on Huawei devices."It is unlikely that such devices will find their way onto the European market, and we assume that Aurora OS is designed exclusively for Russia," a spokeswoman for Huawei confirms that the company is in talks with the Russian Ministry of Communications however, are not disclosed The Russian authority rejects any comment.

Huawei has with Harmony OS also own operating system in the hindquarters, which the group can roll out if necessary. The production of hardware should be able to do without American components in the future. By its own admission, the trade embargo could mean around $ 10 billion loss to Huawei by the end of the year.

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Source: Reuters

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