Huawei introduces two new Android models

by Kelvin
Huawei introduces two new Android models

Chinese manufacturer Huawei confirmed that it will release two new smartphones that will have the full licensed version of Android for the first time after its release from the Android program. This means that Google applications will be in use.

One of the two smartphones will come under the name of the Nova 5T, which will be the top model of the previously released Huawei Nova 5. Nova 5T, with a triple camera installation in the back, this week was launched in Malaysia, which shows that we are in the middle of a wider presentation.

Huawei introduces two new Android models 1


The other new smartphone will be the upgrade of the previously announced device, the Huawei Y9 Prime, Huawei Y9 S model. Huawei announced the details of the Y9 S and said the new Android model will come with “innovative technology..

A previous leak indicates that the Y9 S will have a 6.5-inch screen, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It is unclear whether the phone will have a pop-up selfie camera like the notch or Y9 Prime 2019.

Huawei said that these two devices will be available in South Africa (and possibly additional countries) by the end of 2019 and both devices will be supported by Google. However, it remains unclear how the Chinese manufacturer has included these devices in Google support. Huawei's newest flagship Mate 30 series the situation is still unclear. Current rumors claim that the Mate 30 models will be introduced on September 18th.

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