Huawei MapKit: Huawei's map service will open to developers at the end of the year

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Huawei MapKit: Huawei's map service will open to developers at the end of the year

Within the framework of the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC), the Chinese company told us about its latest software innovations, including a mapping framework. Today, we can read in Chinadaily that They are ready to launch their own map service in October, thus opening the doors to developers to work on it.

MapKit is not an application in itself, so it does not come to be a rival for Google Maps or Apple Maps per se. Is about your own mapping service, open to developers, and with different possible integrations such as smartphones, websites, autonomous cars and others.


Huawei, at the gates of launching its map service

Huawei Hdc

Huawei is working on its own map service, something that companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft. Like Apple It has MapKit JS so that developers can integrate maps into their web pages and apps (without this entailing having Apple Maps installed), Huawei aims to launch this service framework, which does not mean that they are going to launch, at the moment, an own application of maps.

A MapKit allows developers to integrate the information provided by this framework into their own services.

In other words, what Huawei makes available to developers are the tools and code of your map service, so that it can be integrated into the applications and web of the developers themselves. The objective is to develop an alternative to current systems, as they have done with HarmonyOS. Similarly, having your own mapping service would allow you to create your own map application for your devices in the future. Something of which, as we have commented previously, there is still no news.

Huawei's map service will be available in more than 150 countries and will support more than 40 languages. The developers will be able to customize these maps, create route schedules, add markers, integrate augmented reality and the rest of the classic functions that we see in the rest of the alternatives.

Google Maps

According to sources from China Daily, companies such as Yandex (Russia's largest technology company) and the American Booking Holdings (company responsible for, are partnering with Huawei to integrate the commented mapping service within their platforms. From Huawei, they affirm that, despite being new in the world of mapping, they have telecommunications base stations in more than 160 countries, being able to offer complementary information to satellite positioning data.

This Huawei proposal, according to the company, will be open to developers at the end of this year, more specifically "after October", so we should not take too long to see the first proposals created from that service.

Via | China Daily

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