Huawei Mate 20 Pro gets good news in new updates!


High-end Mate 2018 20 Huawei Pro remains an extraordinary device in all areas. In fact, there are no delays that make you want to find a new smartphone. However, and to continue making this device very interesting, Huawei has released several updates. Remember this device will accept EMUI 10. Now, and after this device accepts EMUI 9.1 in late June, you are now getting highly anticipated news. So what's in the new update?


Huawei Mate 20 Pro gets good news in new updates!

When EMUI 9.1 reached Mate 20, the professionals brought a lot of news. Some examples are the new EROFS file system and GPU Turbo 3.0. It also has a mode that allows you to take beautiful pictures of the moon. By the way, look under the photo I took yesterday with P30 Pro.

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Aside from everything that EMUI 9.1 brings to Mate 20 Pro, something has been left behind. We specifically talk about DC dimming functionality, also known as DC dimming. In fact, it has gained more and more popularity in recent times, especially among manufacturers. smartphones However, in Mandarin, most of them have increased or included DC dimming in their models with OLED displays.

But Huawei P30 Pro has received this news. It is now also available for Mate 30 Pro. This is included in EMUI firmware and currently in Chinese ROM. Once it is available worldwide, you can activate it. The process is simple.

How is flicker reduction mode activated?

Open Settings Then open the preview options. Then press in read mode. Then you will see an option to reduce flicker. Just activate it and it ends.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro gets good news in new updates! 1

This system basically controls the brightness of the screen by varying the power supplied to the circuit. Therefore, there are two methods of controlling screen brightness: dimming pulse width modulation (PWM) and DC dimming. In PWM, the width of the light pulse varies to control the brightness of the panel. Therefore, the goal is to control the brightness in a much more effective way.

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