Huawei Mate X restarts its climb: here it is again passing through TENAA, with some minor changes (photo)

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Huawei Mate X restarts its climb: here it is again passing through TENAA, with some minor changes (photo) 1

During the week, Huawei officially announced the new postponement of the launch of Mate X, its first troubled folding device, initially scheduled for June. According to the most informed, we will not see it on the market before November and the reasons for this latest delay would be sought in the need for make changes aimed at averting the fiasco in which Samsung has stumbled, with the false start of Galaxy Fold. On the nature of these changes, we may have some clues thanks to TENAA.

In the past few months, in view of the launch that never took place, Mate X was already transited by the Chinese certification body, but the changes to which Huawei submitted it have clearly requested a new passage obligated. As usual, the TENAA has also published a series of shots which portray the device, from which it can be inferred at least one difference compared to the prototype shown by the Chinese manufacturer at the MWC and in the following months.

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It is about power button placed in the section that also houses the cameras, now apparently more flush with the body and marked by a Red line, which makes it more visible. Without being able to touch it with your hand, it is not possible to become aware of any other changes made, even if some reports claim that Huawei has focused on hinge, making it more solid.

It is difficult to say whether this new certification TENAA of Mate X is the prelude to an early commercialization in China, useful to test the quality of the project and finish the testing in view of the international launch, or if Huawei does not want in any case to force the hand and prefer take it all the time to be sure to avoid more trouble. In the coming weeks we will surely know more.

Via: Huawei Central


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