Huawei Mate X will arrive in November and will follow in the footsteps of Mate 30: Android yes, Google app no

by Kelvin

It certainly cannot be said that Huawei is in an enviable position, indeed. Despite the ban issued by the US has been somewhat lightened, the Chinese company is still prohibited from marketing products that use products or services "made in the US". In this sense, the launch of Mate 30 may have traced the path for the others that will follow – at least shortly.

Waiting to see if the situation can return to normal or if on the contrary Huawei will also be forced to abandon Android, the company can do nothing but eliminate the much-loved Google apps from its new devices. Mate X is no exception to this rule, although it was presented for the first time months before the ban.


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The unpleasant news had begun to circulate as a reasonable fear a few days ago and was confirmed today by a new report that mentions the first Huawei folding next to Mate 30. Despite the "tile", Mate X should enter the markets around the world by November, as stated at the IFA by Richard Yu. The news, however, could represent a heavy ballast for a device destined to cost well over € 2,000 e lacking in some of the most used apps ever by Android users.

Via: 9 To 5 GoogleSource: Nikkei

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