Huawei names several names for future P-series phones

by admin-kervin

So far, we had been waiting patiently for Huawei to make available the smartphones Huawei P40 and P40 Pro. And we were counting on the release dates of the first P30, P20 and P10 handsets for some indication, so they would be announced in March 2020.

But now technology detectives in Letsgodigital have found that Huawei has just registered a good number of names for future P series phones with the UK IPO (Intellectual Property Institute).

In total, the manufacturer of smartphones Chinese has just applied for eight new model names: the P300, P400, P500, P600, P700, P800, P900 and the P1000!

What is going on

What is probably not happening is Huawei registering just a shovel of trademarks just for doing. This is because if you register a trademark and stop using it, a third party may request the cancellation of that trademark. So that would be a waste of time.


It seems, then, that Huawei could be planning to extend its P series with a new range of siblings, which would mean that by March 2020 we could see a P400 launch alongside the P40. Alternatively, as LetsGoDigital speculates, one might be planning to redefine its lesser-known P Smart scale as the three-digit P series.

A third scenario is that the P40 becomes the P400, which is a much larger number – and therefore certainly better – than the small two-digit numbers that the Samsung Galaxy S11 the Note 11 and the iPhone 11 will have.

Unfortunately, trademark registrations no longer provide clues about these new phones, so we'll have to sit back and see what happens. Meanwhile, Huawei has a new flagship phone on its way in the form of the Mate 30 Pro, the successor to the Mate 20 Pro.

The Mate 30 is due to be unveiled in October 2019, a year after Mate 20. Which gives Huawei plenty of time to sign up to register the Mate 300, Mate 400, Mate 500 and so on, just to confuse us even more. .


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