Huawei P10 Selfie Review


Today, the mid-range is sometimes passed and mistaken for some high-end devices; With very similar features and unique features in its range, it gradually produces a lot of noise that this phone is sometimes different from the previous one in terms of processor or building material, but gradually some models have started. to limit this gap and also at a much lower price.

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This is the case of the Huawei P10 Selfie, an amazing upper-class middle-class device with a front camera 20 Its megapixels and design are very similar to its older brothers, the P10 and P10 Plus.

So, let's take a look at the review!

Design and display

Let's start with the design of our protagonist; P10 Selfie rules out elegance and is also made of excellent construction and material. Constructed of aluminum, the phone when in your hand ensures that it is not easily damaged and also its size produces an excellent grip, along with it, as usual, this brand includes a transparent case that makes its design look without affecting it , as well as mica for the screen.

In clear design issues, at first glance it's very similar to the P9 Lite (2017), but with a sleeker finish, along with a USB Type-C port on the bottom.

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I have to admit, I've been using a phone with a case for the past few weeks, and more because of the issue I mentioned earlier in my review, because I'm a bit awkward and generally have issues with any phone without a case, so I want to avoid trouble. with friends Our friend Huawei, and I prefer to avoid accidents and continue using it like this. But despite everything, with the original casing, the equipment is very good size and when used in a pocket or with one hand it is quite comfortable.

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The phone also has a dual rear camera and a fingerprint reader located underneath both, leaving only the front of the screen and the front camera. Regarding the size of the screen, we find 5.5 inches with Full HD resolution (1920 Γ— 1080), which in a good light situation, the automatic brightness works very well and has a very good resolution and response.

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When you see the options that the screen has and its use, these are some of the available configurations that you will find:

βœ… Good design βœ… Good construction material βœ… The screen responds very well in high light situations

Berulang Repetitive and non-innovative design.

The camera

Here we will start with one of the favorite parts of this device, as its name implies, the P10 Selfie is 100% focused on the front camera, featuring no more than 20 megapixels and they are surprisingly pretty good and work as expected.

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But clearly our protagonist does not want to leave out his rear camera, because this time in his mid-range, Huawei wants to include this time a dual 8 and 12 megapixel (Ζ’ / 2.0) rear camera that also combines lenses such as wide angle with aperture Ζ’ / 1.8 and the second lens is telephoto with Ζ’ / 2.4 aperture. Those who do not disappoint in a good light opportunity, but if there are problems when using it at night, and that is not what I expected, despite the fact that perhaps the cell phone throws so many features in the design and the high-end camera That could be an illusion of me and me. forget that it is not the same performance as the top of the range on your cameras.

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But when I talk about the front camera, there are times when I really conquer 20 megapixels above high-end cameras, like the P10 Plus. The default portrait mode effect and almost always comes out great, plus the level of detail without using beauty mode is very accurate, sometimes I can really see little details on my face when I review photos with the camera. In short, it corresponds to the letter and in very good shape with its name.

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Then I leave you with a series of photos taken with the device in broad daylight, at night, with both cameras:

In the video section, our protagonist records in Full HD 1080p, which also has no optical stabilization. Here you can see videos recorded with the maximum resolution of the device.

You have to calculate it YouTube The original quality is declining.

βœ… Good quality photos in good light conditions βœ… Record in Full HD 1080 depan Front camera with very good quality 20 mpx

❌ Low light photos have a lot of noise ❌ No stabilization in video recording

Hardware, system and battery

First let me tell you about the P10 Selfie processor, because like Huawei, it clearly comes with its own processor, Kirin 659 (4 core 1, 70GHz and 4 core 2, 36GHz), with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal, expandable storage through Micro SD to 256 GB. Another of the technical details of the device, and what is striking is that it has two SIMs, so it also allows you to use two SIM cards on the same device. And personally, it is appreciated.

When developing devices with processors, I have overheating problems when I use the camera for a long time or record videos. But on the subject of constant performance, the team worked quite well, even more so to become a processor made for the Huawei middle class.

This phone also has a fingerprint reader that, in addition to working to unlock the device, also brings new features to use as navigation commands. It must also be said that the lock is open fast enough and the reader is too.

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Huawei Histen, a new voice optimization program

In this section we will specifically mention the P10 Selfie audio, called Huawei Histen, a program that allows you to optimize the quality of the sound transmitted by the phone through the headphones, also to configure the sound according to the type of headphones you are using. After selecting the type of hearing aid, this program allows you to configure the type of sound for greater relevance to the audio with the option of feeling it closer, direct or far. There is also an option to activate the equalizer with default settings, based on music genre or custom.

I did the tests with headphones brought by the default device, as well as my SkullCandy brand headphones connected through the 3.5mm Jack port. First, the difference in 3D sound activation is seen and positively changed. In fact, it is quite appreciated because, as we know, most Android devices come with limited audio software, so in this case it does not exist and the experience is also very good. With the factory headphones, if there is an increase in audio and the quality is average. With mine, I can hear more details, and in fact, I compare the sound with the Huawei P10 Plus, and Selfie surpasses it with quality. So I must admit that this program is something that Huawei must include in all subsequent devices.

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Back to the software, P10 Selfie comes with Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.1 which is well known, and also with the October security patch. From what I can tell, on this topic, Huawei has updated its devices very closely, especially its top spots that already have November patches.

The update for Android Oreo, at the moment, has not been confirmed, so we hope that some official information from the company that we just received will be commented.

About the team network:

2G data: GPRS – EDGE – GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz3G data: HSDPA 42.2 Mbps – HSUPA 5.76 Mbps – 850/900/1700 (AWS) / 1900/2100 MHz4G data: LTE DL 150 Mbps – UL 50 Mbps – LTE 700 (Chile) / 700 (USA) / 1700 (AWS) / 1800/1900/2100/2600 MHz4G + data: CompatibleCompatible with WOM, Entel, Claro and Movistar networks (also OMV)

This also includes connectivity via Bluetooth 4.2, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n (2.4GHz and 5GHz).

In the battery, we find 3, 340 mAh capacity, which does not give up at all as it could, manages to drain the battery almost at the end of the day, and I am worried and worried about going home to charge the device. But it does have a point, regarding fast charging with a USB Type-C port.

I performed the proper battery test and used the device as if it were my own with the following app:

App used: Twitter, Facebook, MessengerGoogle Chrome, Google Now, Spotify, Music, Gmail, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Cocoa Talk, VIKI and Swarm.Connected clothing products: NothingActive connectivity: Wi-Fi (5GHz), 4G LTE and A-GPSBrightness of the screen: Automatic

βœ… Audio with fixes and configuration programs βœ… 4 GB of RAM βœ… Compatible with all networks in Chile Unlock fingerprints very quickly and effectively βœ… Updated security patches βœ… Dual SIM

❌ Too hot when using the camera or playing the video doesn’t The battery does not reach the end of the day❌ Could have better autonomy memiliki Has an Android 7.0

Multimedia and audio

First Why didn't I add Huawei Histen sound in this section?, because I feel that it is not part of the external audio equipment, but that it works as a software that is only active with the use of headphones. For what doesn't fit with the audio equipment and speakers, that's not too far and I get the optimal experience.

As for media players, the Huawei P10 Selfie comes with a media player that is already known to EMUI users, this time with a 5.1 update.

The configuration of the player is simple but at the same time very complete, it must be able to change the type of sound that is being heard, as well as the possibility of adding the lyrics of each song that is being played.

Regarding the video player, we can see that it is complete and follows the EMUI line with the same characteristics and settings of other Huawei devices.

Huawei P10 Selfie Review 17 "width =" 1280 "height =" 720

βœ… Full and easy to use music player βœ… Good speaker quality

❌ Does not include FM radio


The Huawei P10 Selfie is a team that thinks about young people who like good selfies and photography, but focuses on selected groups of young people who know more about technology and also ask for better performance according to the sale price.

I can say for sure that this is one of the best middle class devices on the market today and personally the best I have ever tried. I think Huawei has focused its mid-range niche on providing a more premium focus with features that high-end users want to have, as is the case with the 20 megapixel front camera and dual rear cameras that behave too well during the day, but not in low light and that is where we remember that we are facing the middle class, disguised as the upper class. Or also when we are heavier users and the team reminds us about the heating that we do not demand as much and that it is only Kirin of 600 generations and not 900.

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P10 Selfie can increase its autonomy with new updates and therefore it can be said that it will compete in the big leagues with great profits.

It must be remembered that our country came in this elegant matte black, but it also came in pink and gold, which was too eye-catching and a lot of fun in my taste. Yes, please, operator, bring equipment with more colors. That's necessary

If you want to see more photos and know more about this team, we invite you to watch the channel. YouTube us, a complete video of its launch in our country a few weeks ago.

And if you are looking for a new device, or want to give it to them, the Huawei P10 Selfie is available for sale. Movistar Online, Falabella, Claro Chile and Huawei stores The prices of the countries start from CLP $ 349,990.