Huawei P40 Pro: first look at the prototype

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Huawei P40 Pro: first look at the prototype 1

During tests of the Huawei Mate XS, the new folding phone in its 2020 version, colleagues at Digital Trends received what seemed first prototype from one of the smartphones belonging to the P40 family. After some initial skepticism, the question came up, but they couldn't use it, let alone show what the front panel was, but just the back cover.

Although the device was a prototype, it makes sense to expect the product to have a similar design to that shown: confirmation in the next special release March 26th at a special event in Paris. The name behind Polarie and Blink are actually codes to indicate the brand Huawei and Leica. However, the unrepresented translation shown in DT certainly doesn't show what the Premium Edition of the P series family looks like. It might make sense to think of it as P40 Pro models.

Will the Huawei P40 Pro be shown in the photo?

Aesthetically, this device is improved and has a high-class appearance: elegant and extraordinary, starting with coloring and little tricks, such as frames and borders. At Huawei they have worked hard to make very comfortable device at hand– Overall dimensions reflect the dimensions of the previous P30 Pro, but the angles and sides are more rounded for easy grip. At first glance, you can see how the curved edge looks like an edge iPhone 11 Pro.

The overall design of smartphones seems to suggest that it be held horizontally, like a point-and-shoot camera. The first time the company used the same style was for the 2018 P20 range. However, this device is heavier than last year's range and this means only one thing: one battery with enough performance and large electric currents. Given the 4200 mAh (well optimized) in the 2019 model and the 4500 in Mate 30 Pro, it makes sense to think that companies can further increase their size against extraordinary autonomy. But that guess P40 Pro is balanced and the weight in the hand is not felt at all.

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Huawei P40 Pro: first look at prototype 2

The blue color, on the other hand, is very beautiful, according to DT's colleagues, and makes it more vivid than in the photo, with colorful finishes depending on light reflection. Today, as prototypes, these features are best taken without guaranteeing that they are true, because Huawei can surprise and release colors and specifications that are completely new in various fields.

On the camera side, it is the Chinese giant that raises the bar in the field of photography. It is assumed that the three photographic sensors for this model, the first being 52 megapixels, the second is in Cinema format (we still do not know what the rumors indicate) 40 Mpx and a third to call 8 Mpx with 5X zoom.

Huawei smartphone

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