Huawei prepares to fight the Apple, Google and Microsoft in another field!

by Kelvin
Huawei prepares to fight the Apple, Google and Microsoft in another field!

Huawei is one of the strongest mobile companies, but it is far from achieving the achievements of Google, Microsoft and Apple in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

While Google and Microsoft have already worked on hardware, the Apple has been significantly improving its Augmented Reality ARKit on iOS devices. Huawei remains far from any of its competitors in this industry. However, for a short time.

Microsoft's HoloLens – Augmented Reality Glasses

Huawei registers Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses

The new European Intellectual Property Register has shown that Huawei is about to unveil some Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses.

Huawei patent

Although we are not sure whether this registration is for hardware (may be for software), typing in the name "glasses" tells us that something new is coming up at the hardware level.

THE Apple It is the only one of the 3 companies mentioned that has not presented us any hardware for this type of technology. Still, it is one of the most advanced software companies in the industry.

Google and Microsoft with different views

Google has been betting, like Apple, in software. Google Maps with Augmented Reality is an example of this. Microsoft believes hardware is the way to go.

Google Virtual Reality GlassesGoogle Virtual Reality Glasses

With technology still coming out of the market, it is not yet certain which of these companies is playing the right game, but it seems that Huawei believes Microsoft needs more competition when it comes to hardware.

Differences Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

I will explain this as simply as possible. Virtual Reality is like "another world". Put on your glasses and you're transported to a "different reality". That's why PlayStation, HTC and XBox have been investing in the industry.

Augmented Reality is bringing something new to our reality. Imagine you put on some normal glasses and you have Google Maps on the lens. This is the future type that all manufacturers want to create.

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