Huawei presents its WiFi Q2 Pro router

by Kelvin
Huawei presents its WiFi Q2 Pro router 2

Huawei presents its WiFi Q2 Pro router 3
Here is the latest accessory presented by Huawei at IFA 2019: Let's talk about the new Q2 Pro WiFi router. Here's all there is to know.

The new Huawei router is equipped with the modem chip PLC Gigahome 5630 gigabit in addition to PLC Turbo technology.

The company's objective is to limit interference to a minimum during the transmission of the network signal to guarantee a higher quality of communications between the base and the satellite units.


WiFi Q2 Pro also promises higher network speeds and lower latency. Thanks to technology 3 Hybrid Packs it is possible to talk about a theoretical connection speed up to 1867Mbps.

Another aspect on which the company insisted was the desire to offer a signal capable of covering effectively and uniformly the whole house; to achieve this, WiFi Q2 Pro can support up to 15 secondary routers.

Other features include automatic port identification and protocol support IPv6.

Huawei Q2 Pro will be available in Italy from 10 October at the major electronics chains for the price of 229.9 € in version 1 + 2 and of 169.9 € in the 1 + 1 version.