Huawei Smart Glasses, all the details of a strange gadget

by Kelvin

When we refer to Smart Glasses always comes to mind a gadget with a very careless design, and above all, I miss that many times it attracts the attention of other people. This time Huawei has decided to create elegant lenses, with a relatively traditional look, but the reality is more than that since it carries with it an interesting feature.

These Smart Glasses were presented the same day as the emblematic Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, and many were very interested in this gadget because of its aesthetics and the concept it offered; That might be very useful if we think about it.


Huawei Smart Glasses What do they offer?

Huawei gadget, its smart glasses

Already leaving a little intrigue, the main function of these Smart Glasses will be the possibility of talking on the phone, thanks to this we will be able to answer the calls without the need to resort to our terminal. One of the great advantages of having such a clean design, is because it has not included no hidden camera, no extra buttons that make these types of devices have nothing attractive bumps.

Here we realize that the priority Huawei with smart glasses has been to dedicate more elegance than to integrate functions, something very rare on the part of the Asian giant but it is appreciated that one more product is added to its huge catalog. What should be taken into account is its value because it is somewhat high.

So far this interesting gadget will be available in China with a price of 1,999 yuan, at approximately 212 dollars change. Nothing is known about the arrival of smart glasses to other countries, although we hope it arrives in Spain sometime this year. Any data that arises with respect to this subject will inform you; So stay tuned to Club Tech.

Source: Andro4all

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