Huawei smart TVs arrive with HarmonyOS and pop-up camera

by Kelvin

Huawei Vision TV has options up to 85 inches with 4K resolution and arrives with the new HarmonyOS operating system. Prices not disclosed

In addition to the new smartphones Mates 30 and Kill 30 Pro, the line Watch GT 2 and the wireless headphones FreeBuds 3, a Huawei confirmed the debut of its first line of smart TVs: Huawei Vision TV. One of the first devices with the new operating system. HarmonyOS, the line features models up to 85 inches, 4K resolution and pop-up camera for face recognition and video calling. Check out all the details of the line:


Screen and sound

Huawei's new line of smart TVs will have 4K resolution up to 85 ''Huawei's new line of smart TVs will have up to 85 ”4K resolution

The line Huawei Vision TV It comes with an almost borderless design and, at first, will be available in two sizes: 65 ”and 75”. Later, the 55 ”and 85” versions will be released. The panel has 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and has a refresh rate of 120Hz, which can be a differentiator for gamers and action movie lovers.

In addition, smart TVs come with an intelligent sound system, equipped with eight speakers, a subwoofer and a reflector. According to the Huawei, a Huawei Vision TV can accurately simulate a professional 5.1 channel effect and ensure a more immersive experience in all types of scenarios.

Focus on artificial intelligence

HarmonyOS Operating System Focuses on Internet of ThingsControl will have an infrared space to pair with the cellphone

To debut on the right foot, the Huawei Vision TV has a strong focus on artificial intelligence features. TVs feature an integrated touchpad with Bluetooth control, ensuring more precise controls and simplified navigation. This control has autonomy of three months and can be charged via USB-C cable.

Among other artificial intelligence features of the line is the AI-Eye, which guarantees a unique user experience across multiple genres.

Another big differentiator is the change in media consumption, intelligence, and communication through a small pop-up camera on the top edge. Not unlike the pop-up cameras we found in smartphones currently. Basically, the function allows you to video chat with your friends and family, and unlock by face recognition. The idea is to integrate devices compatible with a Huawei account that use microphones and camera.

Pop-up camera is ideal for video conferencing and video calling with friends.Pop-up camera is ideal for video conferencing and video calling with friends.

Although the company has indicated that the operating system is ready to run on smartphones, she said she plans to continue using the Android on their own smartphones for a while. In addition, with the help of the retractable camera, the system performs face recognition so that the product determines if they have children in front of the television to reduce the emission of blue light and to protect the eyesight of young people.

HarmonyOS Operating System

New HarmonyOS system is clean and has access to many streaming servicesNew HarmonyOS system is clean and has access to many streaming services

Eventually the HarmonyOS will work across devices, from handheld devices to PCs and tablets. But for now the Huawei said the company's focus is on "smart screens." SmartTV platform differentials also include the ability to stream the smartphone in Full HD resolution with variable latency from 50ms to 100ms. According to Richard Yu, president of Huawei, the idea of ​​smart TV, besides fulfilling its basic function, is to become a "big smart screen to talk to other household products".

THE Huawei Share also available on HarmonyOS for TVs, and can receive content from other branded products and devices. According to XDA, a 600 MB file can be shared in just 20 seconds, resulting in a rate of 30 MB per second.

Huawei Vision TV availability and price

Like the Honor TV family, the Huawei did not disclose further details about the release date or pricing of the Huawei Vision TV. The company said it intends to focus its efforts on HarmonyOS only in the Chinese market, which means that the device is unlikely to be available worldwide any time soon in the Brazilian market.

What did you think of the new TV from Huawei? Do you think she will come to Brazil? Leave it in the comments.

Source: Huawei

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